Tuesday, 8 July 2014

8th July - Saga Vikings Finished

....well the first 4 points worth anyway :). The Wife got shuffled round at work onto the early shift so after making her lunch, breakfast and cuppa then seeing her off I was left with nothing but time on my hands until the kids woke up (having just got back from my.... their ten day holiday out west with my mother). So I figured "Bugger it! I'll finish the Vikings off". Three and a bit hours later and the kids up, fed and doing their own thing (The Youngest grabbing her Irish out and painting a few cloaks on her warriors) saw me finally finished.

So without further ado:

Warlord Left View
Warlord Right View

Warlord Front View

My first Bondi Unit and the Hirdman
The Warlord, his Hirdman and Beserkers

The Completed Warband

Now to form up the raiding party and head for other shores (i.e. Sorting out a game with my Brother, Uncle and others)

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