Monday, 18 August 2014

18th August - 11th Aug Saga vs The Youngest

It's been a rather productive week... fortnight since the last post. A bit of a painting day with The Eldest and The Youngest. This saw the completion (minus basing and shields) of The Youngest's four point Irish force for Saga and gave her the rights to the first family game against me.

Daddy/Daughter painting day

She picked the Kill the Warlord scenario and off we went

Adelbrand surveyed this new green land laid out before him. After crushing the pitiful Saxon warlord and surveying the land for future raids he'd loaded the men back into the ships and sailed on looking for more lands to plunder. Coming across another landmass he'd made land fall and headed inland. Once again across from him their was a foreign force, it almost felt familiar but they were lacking in the mail armour of his previous encounter and they'd brought their dogs to the battle. It was laughable. "Let's make quick work of these boys, there's more to do today!"

After a quick run through of the rules and placing terrain. We rolled for deployment and off we went. I'd won the first turn so began advancing toward her force. During her first turn she rolled incredibly well on for the order board and charged her dog unit (warriors with little armour but double the move of normal foot units) into my Beserkers. It was in this initial contact she discovered her make Dad's Beserkers incredibly average ability, limiting me to two attack dice per model this time. Fortunately for me my luck was in here and I managed to kill five of her unit while taking no casualties myself. The rest of her force went in the opposite direction after that. My second turn saw Beserkers charge the dogs finishing them off but not before my Bondi (warriors) on that flank had attacked and managed to lose two men to the tattered beasts forcing them to retreat to reform.

Her turn saw her start to get her actual human units (one Bonnacht (warriors) and one Fianna (hearthguard) into javelin range which was the beginning of the end for me. What happened over then next two turns saw me trying to hold on as long as I could against a series of almost perfect order rolls, not to take away from the fact that she has been watching me play for years and has some idea of what she's doing. She had wiped out my other group of Bondi and had taken a large chunk out of the Hirdmen I'd left with the Warlord as a bodyguard/"I'll save you my chief!" unit.

She put the final nail in the coffin when her two Curadh (champion Fianna basically mini Warlords) came out of the forest. The first one fell to the combined blows of my remaining Hirdman and the leader himself, but during her fourth and final turn of the game her remaining one rushed from the trees to avenge his fallen brother and manged to kill my Warlord even with the Hirdman jumping in front of one of the blows in an attempt to save him.

She really enjoyed the game and so did I. She has started researching some patterns for her shields and has been thinking about upgrading her force to a full six point force now.

Stay tuned I managed to get a game of Bolt Action in against another on of my mates who prefers anonymity using Toby's US troops (Mr Anon's Russians are still on the sprue I believe) vs my Germans including my now painted tanks (well my Hetzer the Tiger 2 would just be ridiculous in a 1000 point game), so I'll get an AAR up for that game soon, hopefully later this week.