Tuesday, 5 August 2014

5th August - Completed Hills

Had the day off today so I decided to make a push and finish off my hills, having gained some motivation from watching Hobby Labs videos on Beasts of War thanks to my recently subscribed backstage pass (I cannot recommend this enough, those videos alone more than justify the roughly $7 a month fee) and playing my debut Saga game the night before (AAR to come in the next couple of days) only filling the table thanks to the terrain lent to me by my Uncle which some day in the future I shall have to return I figured I'd best get cracking on my own.

As I have previously mentioned The Wife and I had purchased some air dried clay and made some hills. Until today they've sat in pretty much the state we'd left them minus some cardboard bases I'd cut and glued them too.

I began with the same method I've been using for basing my miniatures. I painted PVA glue onto the hills and card base then dipped/sprinkled it with sand. Once dried I watered down some Army Painter Oak Brown paint and daubed it across them letting the sand soak in the paint and spread through. The hill on the right of the photo I've used a burnt umber acrylic tube paint (generic brand) as my Oak Brown was a little empty and with the left over paint on the palette I've splashed it across the one on the left also.

The next step was a dry bush of Army Painter Desert Yellow to add a bit of detail and contrast. This was followed by a watered down coating of PVA glue and then a coating of a green grass fine flock mixed with burnt grass and yellow grass coarse flock. After this had dried I hit it with a spray adhesive to help lock the flock on. The smaller hill I gave a full coating to and left as it landed, the larger once I purposely left areas bare of glue to so a little earth work.

After allowing the spray adhesive to dry I've super glued a few of my valentines day trees down for a bit of added effect/cover. I like them and I'm thinking there'll be another trip down to the craft store for some clay as well as some stryofoam so I can get out my new heat gun and make some asteroids for the X-wing miniature game....

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