Friday, 22 August 2014

22nd August - 17th Aug Bolt Action Game vs Mr Anon (Toby's US)

Ok as promised second AAR from last weeks games. It was a bit of a strain fitting in games and hobby around work and a rather short sleeping pattern (combination of my late shifts and my wife's early shifts with my liking of making her lunch and having a cuppa before she leaves :) ).

This game saw my mate who prefers not to be named (no conspiracy theory's I'm afraid just a dislike of being prominent in most forms) so I'll refer to him as Mr Anon, get his first game of Warlord's Bolt Action. He's got his own force of Russians but as previous mentioned they aren't quite game ready yet, so Toby stepped in and lent his US force for the game.

We opted for the straight forward Maximum Attrition scenario from the book and setup to play. It was a close game for the first couple of turns with order dice being drawn rather evenly and the small amount of fire exchanged inconsequential.

Turn three saw the engagement escalate with the first real casualties of the game effecting both sides. I bought my Hetzer up onto a hill to give myself a nice firing position deciding to rely on my hefty armour and a decision to take out the opposing Sherman with my first shot. True to form my shot went well wild but some fire from my MMG managed to pick off a few infantry from a squad including the NCO. Two order dice later the Sherman returned fire, not to worry I thought he's got to roll fairly high to even pen..... F@#% three sixes in a row leaving me with a smoking wreck on top of a hill. I hate to say it but that was the flavour of the rest of his dice rolls for the game making it incredibly hard to me to do little more than begin to pull back and make him pay for the ground he was taking.

The remaining highlights for me were one of my panzerfaust armed troops taking out his M3s mobility and my one squad still at full strength charging it and taking it out and..... nope that was it. I declared victory his after that turn deciding it was more tactically sound to pull out and fight another day.

We're all madly gluing and painting now to get our forces finished as we're looking at a series of Ironman type challenge games with around 1500pts in the centre with around 750pts assulting from either side although the attackers will have a renewable supply of infantry units and possible one or two "lives" for armour units.

I've been getting a bit of hobby done the last few days as well to help populate my tables. Toby's been working on a bit his end too. I'll get a small update up in the next few days with a few pictures of what I've been playing with.