Sunday, 24 August 2014

24th August - Hobby

Just a couple of quick shots of some more hobby side things I've been up to rather than games.

I've been playing with some trees since watching the Beast of War Hobby Lab videos (part of the paid backstage access part of the website). It's rather simple to do using just a bit of garden wire, a broom head and some glue, spray paints and some spray adhesive. I got a little cocky on the third one and overstuffed it giving it an odd shape and I've since trimmed them up slightly. Before I start up on any more I'll be purchasing a medium size (or perhaps foliage specific) flock rather than the fine one I used but I think they look pretty good and took me all of maybe an 30 mins including drying time.

My other test project was some hedges. Again simple components, a door mat, some spray paints and weathering sprays. I'm holding off on this one as well while I get either a longer steel ruler or a piece of wood the length/width I want so I can keep them a uniform width. Next step for these will be some fields using carpet mats to use them to edge and that'll be a good portion of my WW2 board filled with terrain.

 My final project which I knocked over in the hour between The Wife leaving for work and the girls getting up for school before I went to work was The Wife's Bolt Action Japanese starter set, plus the Type 3 Ho Ni III tank destroyer I bought her at the same time. The two plates next to the Type 97 Chi-Ha I'll be gluing on after she's painted it up a little more as they cover a fair bit of the rear section but it's still visible and it'll be slightly annoying for her to paint around them.

And of course a family painting day or two

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