Tuesday, 16 June 2015

16th June - Finished UCM Starter

Slow week gaming wise for me. Got a game of Cthulhu Wars in with The Wife and The Daughters on the weekend. All of us were playing a faction we hadn't yet which was a bit of a challenge in swapping play styles. The Youngest took the win finishing a point behind The Eldest after revealing her Elder Sign points but snatching it as her sister hadn't managed to get her sixth spell book allowing her to win. The Daughters and I also managed a game of Dominion which I took the win in with a eclectic set of action cards making for a rather fun game.

Hobby wise I've been bouncing between a few projects. I recently bought some of the new 4Ground trees which I'm very happy with. I've got the willows (Mature and Young) and the Chestnuts (Young) finished off with static grass and just have my two sets of orchard trees to go. Painting wise I've finished off the UCM for Dropzone Commander that came in the two player starter set, made a little more progress on the Traders Caravan for Anyaral and over the course of today working around chores I've all but finished my Doctor/Engineer for my Combined Army force for Infinity which will finish off my first three hundred points.

I've got some pics of the finished UCM. They're not the best thing I've ever painted but for what they are (spare faction for guest to play with) I'm happy with where they've ended up. You'll notice the 4Ground Young Chestnuts in corner of a few of the photos.
Colonial Legionnaires

Sabre Main Battle Tanks

Rapier AA Tanks

Bear APCs

Condor Medium Dropships

Finished UCM starter set

Back to work tomorrow, but with The Wife on days I'll have a few hours each morning before taking The Daughters to school and heading in myself so hopefully I'll get the Infinity Medic finished off in the next couple of days and get a quick post up.