Tuesday, 9 June 2015

9th June - 8th June Public Holiday Dreadball Games

There's been a delay between my last post and this one, not that I haven't been getting anything done, I'm just having a small argument with the weather whenever I go to take a few photos of what I've finished off. I'm thinking once I finish off my UCM starter for Dropzone Commander that's on the table at the moment if it's not willing to compromise I'll just pull out the Foldio and take a few shots in it to get something up :).

Having a public holiday yesterday meant I could catch up with Toby and Mr Anon for a game during the day with The Wife and The Daughters, so we decided to play a mini Dreadball tournament. Looks like we're going to get the league off the ground in the next month too, hopefully with eight to ten players so not too bad for the beginning.


The Wife - Brokkrs
The Youngest - Female Corporation
The Eldest - Teratons
Toby - Hobgoblins
Mr Anon - Robots
Me - Veer-myn

Round One

The first round saw The Wife vs The Eldest game finish with a narrow victory to the Teratons in a very bloody match up with three of the Brokkrs ending up dead in the 0 - 1 win after the full fourteen turns.

The Youngest held off the Mr Anon for almost the full game finally loosing to a landslide victory in turn fourteen. This is quite the achievement against him as most of his games are over fairly quickly so she's showing some promise there.

My game gave also ended in a landslide but turn twelve with my Veer-myn strikers finally managing to get the last three pointer I needed for the game. I also managed to put the Hulk off the board twice which I was happy with and as usual my rats danced around most of the offensive plays by Toby with only a couple hitting the injury bench for a turn or two.

Round 2

The Eldest squared off against Mr Anon. She went down in a landslide during rush eleven but managed to do a fair amount of damage against the bots, but was out maneuvered around the strike zones

Toby managed a win against The Wife but it was a hard fought game with both sides dishing out the damage.

I faced The Youngest but was unable to manage more than one point strikes for the entire game with the final score being 4 - 0 to me at the end of the final rush. I wasn't an overly bloody game but I did manage to kill one of her strikers early on. If it wasn't for the clumsiness of her team for this game it could have been a far different result.

Unfortunately The Youngest had some homework she had to get onto so we had to call it then with Mr Anon taking a technical victory for the day with the two landslide victories, though I like to think I would have taken him out in the final round had we got a chance to square off.