Thursday, 13 August 2015

13th August - 11th August Guildball Match Vs The Wife

While most of my planned games fell through this week, my ever dependable wife took up the slack and jumped in for a game of Guildball. My Morticians vs her Masons (my current WIP).

Apart from a few games early on in beta testing with paper dolls this is the first game I've got in since my kickstarter pledge arrived a few weeks back. Toby had stepped up and begun a pitch which had been sent to my place in readiness for our now postponed game of Morticians vs Butchers.

The WIP pitch
The rules have not had any massive changes from when I last played a game during the beta testubg and the game plays really well. Alternate activation and the influence system allows for some rather nice tactical game play.

I lost the toss and The Wife elected to be the receiver so I gave the ball off to Graves after deployment and proceeded to kick off.

The Wife quickly advanced during the first round securing the ball with Mallet and moving up the rest of her team to the centre of the field ready to move where necessary while Tower moved off to her right. For my part I moved Graves up to threaten Mallet using Obulus's puppet master ability to get him into melee range. Casket came across to help cover the centre along with Silence, while Dirge and Cosset headed toward Tower.

A nice roll gave me initiative for the second turn and Graves began by tackling Mallet taking possession of the ball, attacking again and pushing him back and then now clear of Mason's shot a quick pass off to Obulus who took a quick jog in behind Casket. Tower began to move up toward Silence who in turn decided to head toward the centre and lobbed a vial of embalming fluid over toward his Mason opponents dousing Honor and Harmony who after taking a small amount of damage and catching fire charged in Casket and began to offload on him in an effort to take the hulking player down, although Harmony did take the time to remove her on fire condition. Obulous continued to move behind play using puppet master again this time in order for Casket to take a swing at Harmony

Brick chose that moment to move up and engage Silence leaving the Mortician vice captain looking slightly alone and worried. Cosset and Dirge charged up to Tower with Cosset showing her true crazy colours and left Tower still healthy but definitely worse for the experience.

Another win on the initiative roll saw Silence try to get away from Brick who his parting blow and knocked the man off his feet and then proceeded to kick the man across the pitch for a while leaving him bruised and wheezing. Honor and Harmony kept the pressure up on Casket slowly pulling him down. Marbles ambled up in an attempt to add some more weight against Casket but Graves charged leaving the ape bleeding and tied up. Mallet quickly rushed to the beloved animal's aid. Tower managed to get some damage into Cosset, but the slightly off lass tore back into him leaving him barely standing while some how managing to take the time to tend to herself "taking a breather" and finishing up her activation almost untouched. Obulus continued along with the ball finishing off up on the wing just out of range of Tower but leaving himself open for an attack depending on the initiative of the next turn.

Of course The Wife snagged initiative and attacked Obulus with Tower giving Dirge a chance to attack which he did leaving Tower much easier to attack for the turn. Unfortunately for her the lad was unable to land a blow. Obulus counterattacked and dodged around the apprentice before Cosset and Dirge finally pulled him down leaving him off the pitch in a daze scoring me two victory points. Brick began to lumber back in an attempt to protect his goal, giving Silence the chance to get to his feet and again coat the Mason sisters with embalming fluid Harmony managed to escape unscathed this time and streamed toward Obulus hoping to close the distance before the Mortician's captain could score. Honor continued to hammer at Casket but thanks to the man's ability to soak damage like a sponge he continued to keep the Mason captain tied up.

Once again I managed to snag initiative and quickly attacked Brick with Cosset to grab some momentum. The Wife tried to get in close enough to stop Obulus with Harmony but fell short but a mere inch. I quickly answered by activating the captain and firing home the shot for goal scoring and securing another four victory points.

We called the game there as we both had work tomorrow, but we're hoping to get another game in soon. With any luck I'll get a chance to sit down and finish off the Mason's before then, I should probably get a ball based up as well I guess :). Toby's also been hard at work on his Butchers and hopefully we should get a game in ourselves on Sunday.