Monday, 17 August 2015

17th August - 16th Frostgrave vs The Uncle, The Eldest and The Youngest

Headed over to The Uncles place yesterday with The Daughters for our first game of Frostgrave. The girls and I created our wizards and their hired band of adventures. The Eldest created a Necromancer, The Youngest a Elementalist and I opted for a Thaumaturge. The Uncle decided on a Witch and we set up for The Mausoleum scenario.

The game play itself was fast and quite easy to pick up. By the end of the first turn we all knew the basics and even with four players the game went rather quickly. Unfortunately I've not been able to get any of my Frostgrave miniatures painted up yet, but with the help of various Fubarnii and Guildball players we had the wizards sorted, then dipping into the Saga figures, some more Fubarnii, an orc and a couple of borrowed figures we had the warbands sorted and were ready to play.

Our pre-game spells were mostly failures, I was unable to create a potion, The Youngest failed to summon her Zombie, The Uncles animal companion failed to be summoned. The Eldest however managed to raise her Zombie much to her delight.
The Uncle was the first to grab a treasure token, using his Control Undead spell to send a few skeletons to harass The Youngest and clear his path. At that stage he ran into The Eldest who had been firing Bone Darts at everything that moved taking out quite a few skeletons began to exchange fire with him, although he still managed to secure one of the special treasures and began to extract it from the table.

The Youngest played a cautious game at the start securing a treasure, then decided to go on the offensive barreling toward The Uncles apprentice and managed to wound the young witches student, but he was able to get away.

Meanwhile I had fought my way through the skeletons in my path. I had been sending several arrows toward The Youngest's man at arms but was unable to get through scoundrels armour. My Wizard however sent his orc thug up to grab one of the special tokens, casting Blinding Light on The Uncle's nearby Thief taking him out of the running with a nice twenty on the casting roll leaving the poor victim almost guaranteed to be cut down my what ever came upon him. This allowed my apprentice to grab grab another special token, and the man at arms in my employ to secure a third.

This left me winning the game though we all managed to get treasure off the board and all but The Youngest who was ten points short gaining a level of experience on our wizards. Great game and we're all looking forward to getting more in as time allows.