Thursday, 27 August 2015

27th August - 25th Aug Frostgrave vs The Wife, The Daughters and Toby

I was basically stuck at home today waiting for FedEx to bring my giant (16.4kg) combined Dreadball Extreme and Kings of War kickstarter packages. I'd also decided to put on a game of Frostgrave, so I just dived into hobby things, finishing off the Masons for The Wife for Guildball (pics to come, I think the bases need a touch more detail but she's happy), getting some more paint on my wizard for Frostgrave and finally pulling out one of my battle-systems packages and starting to put it together so I had some sort of decently cluttered table.

I just knocked together a quick scenario where there was five loot counters scattered through out the small keep guarded by zombies. 

All the wizards gathered their war-bands and entered the area surrounding the keep. 'Christian the Humble, Thaumaturge Extraordinaire and Worker of Miracles' began the first turn and moved up taunting the Zombies before him to come face his might. His opponents for today's treasure hunt followed suit though they all made the blunder of rushing the doors with the exception of The Wife's Enchanter and proceeded to get bogged down fighting their rotting foes. The Youngest's Elementalist decided "Bugger the treasure I want to kill The Eldest before she attacks me" and began hurling ball after Elemental Ball at the fledgling Necromancer wounding several the wizard but soon was under fire from The Eldest's hired archers.

The apprentices all proved themselves this time with my aspiring Thaumaturge casting a glow upon zombies to aid my archers and ranger or shield upon my melee hireling strengthening them against attacks. Toby's apprenticed Elementalist conjured several walls, very nearly killing himself in the process. The Youngest's got stuck in to combat at first but then made several attempts to heal her mentor though she never quite managed it and The Youngest was the first to bottle out satisfied suddenly coming up with the solution to the problem she'd been pondering (enough xp to gain a level). 

The Eldest soon had a summoned zombie in tow for both her Necromancer and apprentice, but with her large thief filled war-band and her skirmish with The Youngest she too retreated from the field with no loot (but again enough xp from casting for a level).

This left the field down to three The Wife, Toby and myself. The newly arrived Elementalist Toby the Unlucky was still struggling with his zombies having failed to pull down the initial rush from the first room he soon found himself having to deal with a stacked doorway, although a well placed Wizard's Eye helped him attempt to clear the doorway from the back while his men attempted from the front using muscle and steel the mage just could not manage to pull the risen dead down with his Elemental Bolts exploding harmlessly against the bloated flesh and his steel turned aside by rusted breastplates and mouldering leather.

The Wife's Enchanter Jenny Crafter of Trinkets however gazed across the field at the masterful way Christian the Humble, Thaumaturge Extraordinaire and Worker of Miracles was luring the moaning husks out of the building quickly dispatching them with a concentrated effort of magic and steel and watched his band disappear through the now clear doorway and ordered her men to throw back the zombies and pull back allowing them to mob and pull down the single minded foes.

Meanwhile as the second shambling corpse fell to the ground the foul energies animating it dissipating. My Ranger, Barbarian and Thug headed into the now cleared room only to be confronted by a second pair of zombies. The well trained war-band again sprang into coordinated action and with Christian the Humble, Thaumaturge Extraordinaire and Worker of Miracles himself hurling spells at the foes they soon fell to some strong blows and well placed arrows leaving the central rooms cleared and the treasure for the taking.


Jenny Crafter of Trinkets quickly entered her now clear doorway and on a spur of the moment decided to order an archer to check the tomb while the infantry held off the zombie they encountered in the hall and found a stashed bag of loot (I wasn't intending it but decided to reward her thought process, plus i'd left a coin insert in it so what the hell :)  ).  A quick Telekinesis spell later and the treasure was secure.

With the four chests now clear for the taking Christian the Humble, Thaumaturge Extraordinaire and Worker of Miracles rushed in with his followers quickly securing the chests and heading back to camp.


Another enjoyable game of Frostgrave. I'd make a few changes to the set up though for this one, either adding some wider doorways or even removing a wall section or two. I've just got to put a coat of varnish on The Mason's when I next get a chance then it'll be on to the abyssal dwarves now they've arrived I think.