Tuesday, 19 April 2016

19th April - Finished Malignos Hacker and Speculo Killer

Finished off some more Combined Army infantry this week, namely my Malignos Hacker and the Speculo Killer. Not sure how much play time they'll get once the new Onyx Strike Force sectorial drops but my next game they'll both be featuring :). I've still got another Umbra Legates on the table at the moment (the hacker version with the boarding shotgun) and I've been gluing some more of my Relics Britanans together lately so might try get them up on there soon.

Malignos Hacker

Speculo Killer

I realised just after I took the photos that I hadn't quite finished them off yet, nothing major just hadn't put the water effect on the bases. Also in the background you can see the crates and barrels I got as part of the Forward Base kickstarter which I've been using to play around with the airbrush, basically trialing some pre-shading and things.

The completed force so far