Sunday, 24 April 2016

24th April - 21st April Guildball vs Toby

Got a game of Guildball in with Toby on Thursday night which was a nice change particularly as I hadn't gotten it on the table since I had a demo game with The Brother earlier in the year. My Morticians vs his Butchers. I won the initial roll and chose to receive the ball but gave Toby the first activation.

Graves moved quickly taking control of the ball and snapping a quick pass off to Silence before floating back across the field resuming his position. Meathook pushed forward joining Brisket on her movement toward Silence but Cosset slammed into her, leaving her barely standing at the end of the frenzied onslaught. Obulus gazed across the pitch at her and she suddenly felt her arms moving of their own volition and her teammate was suddenly under assault from her hooks but the plucky striker was saved by her armour. Silence began his movement up the sideline taking the time to drench both of the Butcher women with Embalming Fluid, leaving them lingering in searing agony.

The Butchers continued to be quick off the mark with Meathook trying to get her own back against the Cosset, Silence lobbed another vial over the female players this time managing to cover Princess the mascot as well. Under Obulus's sternly focused gaze Meathook again began attacking her teammate this time getting past the armour. Cosset continued her furious onslaught against Meathook. Ox charged into Obulus and the two team captains found themselves facing off. Obulus weathered the attacks until he finally made his move knocking the cocky Butcher down with a sudden counter attack. Graves quickly charged the downed Butcher captain leaving him bleeding. Boar continued lumbering up the field but in his haste to assist his fallen captain he left himself open and Ghast came in from the side doing some damage and knocking the big man down.

Finally despite several attempts at patching her up on field Meathook finally succumbed to the linger agony from the embalming fluid and was taken off the pitch. Ox sprung to his feet with a cry of "Get 'em Lads!" and began swinging wildly at Obulus who again after taking minimal damage knocks the man from his feet once more. He then seemingly drifted across the field and the barely standing Cosset finds herself laying into Brisket not that she would take offence to her captains mystical influence. Brisket then swiftly sends the Mortician player into the first aid tent. Grave puts some more punishment into the again down Butcher captain before sprinting down field. The two mascots faced off as the Butcher dog runs around yapping and chasing Dirge. Silence moved further down pitch hitting Princess with more Embalming Fluid and sending a pass over to the waiting Graves. Boar managed to regain his feet but Ghast was waiting over the man and quickly put him back down to the ground. He continued his assault and The Unmasking sent Ox and Boar hurtling across the pitch. Shank charged the masked Mortician but his counter attack put yet another Butcher player down.

Meathook returned to the field in an attempt to protect the Butcher goal. Cosset also regained the field still shaky but eager to return to play. Ghast began by laying into the downed Shank before sprinting across the pitch to protect Graves's back. Brisket moved and tried to throw her Dirty Knives at Graves, but Dirge's constant fluttering and cawing distracted the young woman though her angry attack left the bird barely in the air. Obulus moved across the field toward the covering form of Ghast, then in another mystical attack Boar suddenly lost what little momentum he had leaving him on the grass again while Graves seemed to suddenly gain a bit more energy. Princess tore a few more mouthfuls of feathers from the Mortician mascot. Graves finally finished his approach to the Butchers goal. The kick was straight and gave the Morticians a one nil lead heading into the last stages of the game. Ox regained his feet just in time to see the ball rebound off the post and head back down into the field.

Brisket took her frustrations out on the Morticians mascot, before Ghast suddenly came up from behind her laying damage into her and more importantly Princess. Ox charged Silence knocking the man down and laying into the Mortician Vice Captain with his cleaver. The man sensing a Mortician victory quickly regained his feet and began laying into the Butcher mascot until the dog was left whimpering on the ground, securing victory for the Morticians!

Another great game. I've really got to get around to making some rough and fast/slippery ground at some stage to add an extra element to my Guildball games. Heading out to The Brother's tomorrow hoping to get a game or two in while I'm there.

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