Thursday, 7 April 2016

7th April - Frostgrave vs The Youngest

So we decided to start a new run at Frostgrave. We've all re-made our wizards and we're aiming to get in one game a week until one of our wizards manages the Transcendence spell.

For the first round I played against The Youngest, while The Wife played The Eldest. Both games ended up drawing for treasure chests collected. The Eldest managed to take out The Wife's apprentice though the after game roll saw the man narrowly escape.

I managed to kill one of The Youngest's Archers but her Infantry-man while seriously wounded managed to survive. I didn't get a chance to take any notes as we went as I was busy refereeing both tables and refreshing myself with the rules but I managed to get a few photos.

My warband advances
The Youngest's warband

The Youngest gets caught up in skeletons

My apprentice manages to blind an attacking undead

My wizard miscasts his attempt to blind The Youngest's thief 
The Youngest's Elemental Ball fizzles
My warband retreats with treasure chests in hand

So the first round finishes with my wizard in the lead at 280xp followed by both The Eldest and The Youngest at 240 and The Wife finishing up at 200. I've also had another game of Infinity against The Wife. She did quite well this time and though I managed to win it came down to the last turn. I've got a write up on the Flamia Island campaign site here. The Youngest has challenged me to another Infinity game this weekend so should be getting that in hopefully Saturday night.