Friday, 10 June 2016

10th June - Finished Dropzone Commander Scourge Vehicles

So with The Wife doing a bit of a push on her Shaltari painting and challenging me to a game this weekend, I decided to jump the queue a bit with my painting and opened up the Scourge blisters I'd bought myself (an Annihilator, a Screamer & Raider dropship, Corsairs, Razorworms and Destroyers) and got from The Youngest for Christmas (more Reaper AA tanks). I finished off the vehicles over my weekend. I've just got to finish off the basing for the Razorworms, but as of yet the Destroyers remain with just their prime coat.

Should get them game in sometime in the next few days so there will be a report incoming.

Annihilator Side View
Annihilator Front View



Screamer Front View
Screamer Rear View

Raider Heavy Dropship

I've just finished priming the Lilliputian faction for Home Raiders so hopefully I'll have some progress on them over the next week.