Monday, 27 June 2016

27th June - The Great Niece and Nephew Invasion

With the school holidays it was finally doable for The Sister's and The Brother's kids to come over for a play. After a bit of a movie night (Independence Day) on the Sunday we woke up this morning and headed downstairs for a game. A brief discussion later and a scaled down Frostgrave was on the table ready to play.

We had three chests in the centre of the table guarded by large constructs who all had three lives each due to their job as the magical protectors of the chests. While the constructs were alive they could also summon a single previously fallen adventure from the many skeletons littering the hoard. My sister's eldest decided that fortune would favor the bold and charged in hard and fast but was soon surrounded and pulled down but the silent guardians. The Brother's daughter and The Eldest played with more of a skirmish style and carefully drew out the constructs one at a time picking them off with a combination of their archer and elemental bolt spells. The Youngest however played the role of the scavenger picking off the odd skeleton but carefully skirting the larger monsters grabbing the first chest of the game and handing it along all her troopers getting it out quickly and efficiently. The Brother's Daughter and The Eldest then came to a truce splitting the last two chests between them.

After lunch we had a bit of a painting session with The Brother's Daughter and both of The Sister's Sons sitting down with some Mantic Deadzone plague zombies for a bit of a paint. It was the elder nephews first attempt at painting and I think he's done a pretty good job. I'm sending some wargame factory kits home with the nephews for them to put together and get a bit of practice on (of course they are my mother's that I was supposed to sort out for her, but you should see the size of my painting queue as it is)(also do have her permission) and then I believe they're going to have a go at painting up the set of Dungeon Saga I bought them for Christmas last year.
Elder Nephew
Younger Nephew


We'll be settling in again for another movie tonight (Ghostbusters) and then maybe a game tomorrow morning before they get picked up.

On the kickstarter front I've been trying to slow down a little and with some success but I've jumped onto the Miniature Wargaming: The Movie one currently running and from the few sneak peaks I've seen on Beast of War and the intro video on the kickstarter page itself I think it looks like something worth getting behind.

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