Tuesday, 14 June 2016

14th June - 11th June Deadman's Hand vs The Youngest

I've still yet to get the Dropzone Commander game in with The Wife, and it looks like it may have to wait until Sunday but I did get a quick game in with The Youngest on Saturday.

Not much to report it was a bit spur of the moment but after some serious ammunition issues for the Pinkerton's the Indians successfully.... well I guess slaughtered them would be an appropriate term.

The contested town

Repeater rifle on the rooftop

Shotgun wielder ready to engage

Dud shells for the rifle makes for a difficult time

This town ain't big enough for both of us

The bounty hunter somehow survives the onslaught 
Of course it's too much to ask for a last chance

One last chance at saving the town from the savages results in barely a flesh wound
on the chief and the death of several Pinkertons

Might not have been what I was hoping to get on the table but it's always good to get a game in with either of The Daughters. Painting wise the Lilliputians are well under way and I'm toying on either continuing on the Home Raiders factions or get started on either my Veer-myn for Deadzone/Warpath or my Gremlins for Malifaux sometime soon.