Thursday, 2 June 2016

2nd June - Finished Home Raiders Gremlins

I finally made a start on the Home Raiders kickstarter from Vesper On though the company has gone broke it did sell both the Home Raiders and Carnevale IPs to another company though their name escapes me at the moment.

The concept of the game is that these are 1:1 scale models of the various little folk who regularly invade our world and homes scavenging the materials they need or protecting us from each other. I've not had a game yet but it's designed to be played anywhere you drop it such as your living room table or across the kitchen bench and is aimed as something you can play at the spur of the moment with friends or use to corrupt your younger family members in the hobby :).

I decided to use these guys to trial using a mix of black and grey primer coats as I have up to now been a white primer guy. After doing these guys I think I'm converted, the darker undercoats just seemed to add an instant level of depth to the minis and I've very happy with the result.

While some poor weather has stopped my from putting a matt varnish on these guys I'm calling the painting on them finished. Once I've got the varnish on I'll be transplanting them to the clear bases they come with and making a start on the Lilliputians from the base box. After that I'll try to get a game in and see how the system plays. Either way I'm sure I'll be able to find a use for these guys and the various other booster and faction boxes I picked up on the kickstarter.

I've got a few bits on the table at the moment just to round out my Dropzone Commander Scourge force before The Wife and I get our next game on the table but after I have them done I'll be getting the Lilliputians out and using them to have a play with my new airbrush, I managed to pick up a Badger Sotar 20/20 for just over half price thanks to a handy clearance sale so I'm hoping to use the slightly larger Home Raider models to work on my technique.