Friday, 12 September 2014

12th September - Boardgames!

I've got in quite a few board games over the last week or two. Mostly with The Wife and Daughters, but we also went a-visiting the other day and got a game in with my Uncle and Aunty as well.

Some features have been:

Several games of Loka, River Horse Productions four sided chess based game. It plays very similar to chess with a few rules changes mainly terrain squares and a dice based combat system based on bonus from the mentioned terrain and reinforcements from other pieces in position to take or defend the squares. There is also no check rule as such so feel free to dangle a nicely placed King if you wish, but bear in mind you still lose instantly if he's taken.

Another game of Kingsburg at my Uncles house, but this time with more than just the two of us playing. We got a chance to play with a full complement of five players. The game play didn't change much, just made the productive seasons more competitive in regards to allocating dice for resources. The Eldest ended up taking the victory but there was only ten victory points between first and last so a nice close game all the way through.


Quite the cast of characters
Bitten on the way and it spreads
A pleasant surprise was the arrival of my pre-ordered game Dead of Winter by Plaid Hat Games. I've played about four times now already. Mainly playing the recommended first scenario. You begin playing with a team of two survivors and during the course of the game overcome mini challenges every round while attempting to finish the main scenario objective before running out of time or moral. The game also has a twist with each player having his/her own private objective with some of these requiring the main objective to be achieved and some of them requiring the player to betray the main colony for their own ends. They have more games planned with the next one being spaced based from memory with feudal Japan to come among others.

Final turn. Victory to us, but quite a cost