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28th September - Holiday Gaming

So the last week has seen my only week off work this year so I made sure to time it with the kids school holidays. We did our annual trip to Rockhampton to see my Dad and my Sister and family. But around those (and inclusive of) 4 days of driving and visiting (two early morning starts so 4.5ish days) we've managed to fit in a rather large amount of gaming.

Saturday saw myself and The Daughters heading to my Uncles house while The Wife slept off her night shift. A quick helping hand to clear off the table and a break for lunch and we were downstairs getting in a four player game of "A Fistful of Lead". The daughters had two gangs of Indians who had sabotaged a railway track in order to loot the next passing train. I was playing a group of men hired to guard the Chinese workers repairing the train and my Uncle was a squad of cavalry men who were on the train en route to.... well we didn't quite go that far but they weren't getting there fast!
The Youngests
The Eldests

It was a nice afternoon game with the Indians taking an early lead but after change of luck in the dice department they were eventually driven off, although there was quite a few casualties and among both the defenders (The Eldest's work) and the Chinese (The Youngest's plan).

 I'd have to say the two most spectacular failures of dice for the game was the Eldest's brave charging in to combat with a cavalryman only to roll woefully and lose the round then get killed in a single hit. This resulted in a good few minutes of re-enacting in order to truly experience the moment. And the final turn of the game which saw three of my men surround the Youngest's chief only to have the first two run out of ammo and almost missing on the final roll, but getting a kill in the end.

The Rockhampton trip saw a few game of "Zombie Dice" and "Get Bit" with my Brother-in-Law, Nephews and Niece (my Niece either rolling dice or drawing cards for myself or her Dad). No photos unfortunately but a good couple of days anyway.

On returning to Brisbane and recuperating from the trip, The Wife and I had another game of Deadzone which again was a win for me but she's getting more aggressive and we had a what you could have done replay on a few turns so it's only a matter of time before she chalks up a win.

I had received the Kingsport expansion for Arkham Horror last year for Christmas but had yet had a chance to play it so we decided to have a game on Saturday. I began setting up around 11 and we were ready to play around 12:30 (I did stop for lunch), after working out where all these shiny new options went. We randomly drew our characters and had the Great Old One Yig to seal away. We attacked the game with a plan and almost managed to win without Yig breaking free but fell just short. After six round of combat with the Elder God we managed to seal him away again, but the cost. Oh the cost. Myself and The Eldest were gone devoured but the Old One never to be seen again, but atleast peace returns to Arkham for now. A warning for the faint of heart in case the setup didn't give it away this is a game that can run for an epic time period. Ours did this time it was 6:30 when we finally put Yig to rest, but it is one of our favourite games and if you have to time it is a great game to play.

And to top it all off before I go back to the grind tomorrow I finished off my Nameless Dreadball team today (pics to come in the next few days) and glued together my Fusiliers and Alguaciles from my Infinity:Operation Icestorm box set and pitted the girls against each other in the first scenario. The Eldest took the PanO Fusiliers and The Youngest the Nomads. It was a quick, bloody little game with The Eldest taking the win but with only a single trooper left after a one for one fire fight. Myself (Nomads) and the Wife (PanO) had the next game with the victory going to me but after a strong start (two kills for no losses) she turned around and killed to Alguaciles with critical hits (no armour saves) but I managed to pick of the last Fusilier. Was a good intro into the Infinity system and my next free moment will see the rest of the set prep'd and glued and I'm thinking more than likely I get these painted before I tackle the last Dreadball team I have at the moment, the Zees.

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