Tuesday, 16 September 2014

16th September - Finished Dreadball Zzor and my first 4Ground kit

Obligatory Full team on the Pitch Shot 

Finished off the Zzor team for Dreadball this week. Did things a little differently building up from a Plastic Soldier Dunkelgelb spray base coat with a series of washes and dry brushed highlights. I've also used some Warlord Games soviet tank numbers for the teams rather than the Mantic Dreadball ones. All in all I'm happy with the way they've come out. While outside waiting for the varnish to dry one of the guards took a tumble and lost a leg, but I'm not too concerned again this just being a team I've painted up as free agents.

Gaurds, note the missing leg on the camera shy one

I also went out to have a look at The Last Stand over at Corinda and picked up a few bits a pieces. The new Tank Wars supplement for Bolt Action, another machine gun team for my Germans and my first 4Ground kit. I've been eyeing these off for the last six months or so but hadn't quite committed to buying one as I wanted to see what they looked like in the pack. I bought the Corner Ruins 2 kit and I've very happy with it. Everything went together without any issue and with the left overs in the sheets you can add a bit of clutter to the building. I'll definitely be adding more of these to the collection as time and pocket money permits

Finally a few Kickstarters worth having a look at:

Carnevale:  A  miniature skirmish game set in Venice during the late 1790s in an alternate timeline where a magical rift has opened up above the city with some interesting consequences. It seems to be quite interesting with options open to your characters such as running jumps from building to building while shooting your opponent below, rappelling down walls for dramatic entrances and even running along walls to get past those pesky blocking obstacles.

King Down:  A chess based game from Shar Shai who had the successful Agents campaign on kickstarter last year, which is a go to game in this house when we've got 30 minutes or so to kill. Gameplay video is coming this week but after a quick read of the rules it looks like it's going to be a good one.

Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain:  I've got the Sci-Fi set sitting here at one and while I haven't put any together yet (space constraints atm {space constraints... you see what I did there}) the quality of the product is amazing. I'm looking at using this for my Brother's up coming family roleplay game (once our Castles&Crusades books arrive) but I can see some tie in Stargrunt games using this rather interesting round dimensional gate or possible "Star" gate add-on they've added as a strechgoal.

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