Sunday, 7 September 2014

7th September - Completed "Roman Candles" Female Corp Dreadball

It's been a good week for free time, so I've managed to get these done in a little over three days around work and some gaming and visiting. While I was painting them they didn't have a team name as such but over the course of painting that was how I began referring to them in my head, thus the painted on roman numerals as opposed to the decals I've used on all the teams so far. This is another team I doubt I'll use as a team, but with them done I now only have my Zzor, Nameless and Zee teams to go (with my Teratons and Asterians coming with the dozen new teams for Dreadball Extreme around Christmas).

I'll be trying a different style with the Zzor. I've base-coated them with a spray of my Plastic Solder Dunkelgelb (German Late WW2 tank base colour) and I'll be using a series of washes and highlighting to finish them off (well that's the plan anyway). It's not something I've done a lot of usually limiting myself to an occasional highlight and a single wash coat.

And of course the pictures of the completed "Roman Candles"

Early WIP
Late WIP

Guard Back View
Guard Front View

Team Shot