Thursday, 20 November 2014

20th November - Painted AtDE Adam's Family Gang & Based Trees

Had a roster change for the next couple of weeks, so after going back for a day yesterday back on days off for the next two. After spending a few hours getting the chores The Wife set me before she left for work I sat down and got stuck into the real goal of the day.... finishing off Adam's Family and some other bits and pieces.

First off the painting

The finished Adam's family along with the mercenary Crimson

Top to Bottom and Left to Right we have Drexyl, Ezra, Adam, Skylar, Crimson and Reggie,

 I also finished off my first batch of homemade trees. I used some marine epoxy for the trunks. It gave me a bit of time to work with it and add some detail without needing too much time before I could set it aside and leave it to set. I was tossing up highlighting some of the detail on the trunks, but I think the slightly thinned out Army Painter Oak Brown has giving a nice effect overall. I've based the size on a wood terrain choice for Saga, this one being roughly 12" long and 7"ish wide at the widest point but I working on the card base giving a distinct boundary for both movement penalty or LoS rules for which every system I'm currently playing.

Speaking of Saga, I've also base coated my new unit options to bring my Viking's up to a full six points and offering myself a bit of flexibility when it comes to what I'm fielding depending on opponent and scenario. So depending on the quantity of chores tomorrow I'm hoping to make a good amount of progress on these

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