Sunday, 9 November 2014

9th November - Painted Across the Dead Earth "Red Claw" Gang

I had my first package (and second a few days later) of Across the Dead Earth turn up the other day. Thanks to the Kickstarter I'll be getting bits and pieces for the next two years, which I'm really looking forward too. The first package consisted of the rules, counters and cards and three gangs. The gangs being "Adams Family" a roving group of survivors with more of a family feel, the "Red Claw" a savage gang, think slightly crazed take what we want style and "The State" which is the faction that has taken control of one of the larger areas of post apoc English cities and surrounding areas. From a game point of view there is no difference between the style of gang it just comes down to outfitting and class options. The second package was a lovely resin building kit, a really nice thematic bar which I'm looking forward to getting on the painting table and having a real play with some different techniques.

My Uncle had also jumped on this one at the level lower than mine, so just the one package for him. We've been speaking lately about trying to get some sort of ongoing game happening and this one ticks the boxes, small size, character progression, the ability to set up a campaign with consequences hanging on the scuffles that take place and it'll let us add players in here and there depending on schedules without having too many disadvantages piling up.

While I think I'm leaning toward the miniatures that came for The State faction I opted to paint up the savages having just finished the Bolt Action weapons teams and felt like painting something not quite so uniformed. I got to play with two new techniques on these guys. My Flockbox and some static grass rather than the pre-made tufts I usually use, which was very cool once I got the hang of it, and I borrowed some weathering powders from Toby which gave me a chance to take all the shiny, clean looking clothes my savages were wearing and muddy them up a bit. As I'm going to be heading to My Uncles tomorrow for our first game using the system, I did these guys in record time getting them done in three roughly two hour painting sessions and then around 30 minutes to do the basing. A.A.R. to come in the next few days hopefully.

Ronnie, the Leader of the Red Claws

Shay-man and McHeed (Medic class)

Fatboy, (Heavy class)

Topper, (Assault class)

Pyro, Topper's brother (Grunt [No class]){But he has a freekin Flamethrower, come on who needs a class when you've got a Flamethrower :) }

Shrimp, (Scout class)

The full Red Claw gang

I'm not sure if I'll be playing the Red Claws or if I'll be creating my own Savage gang for the game tomorrow but either way looking forward to getting these guys on a table.