Saturday, 8 November 2014

8th November - LocaliZed game 4th Nov

While working Melbourne Cup lunch with Toby we decided it was a good night to have a few scotches and give LocaliZed a whirl.

For those that don't know this is the game that the winners of Beasts of War Halloween design a game competition came up with. The conditions were they had two weeks to get it done, it needed to be suitable for Halloween and they had to include an ice-cream van.

The game plays really well. It's a PnP and comes with tokens to get you going. But I added the plastic minis from my game of Zombies to add  3rd dimension. Several turns in we ended up needing to cut out some 10 zombie counters as well.

We had a narrow loss going down as we were halfway through the final mission. It's definitely one that will get some repeated play.
Setup, man that church is full of Zombies

Around halfway through here, you'll notice the two 10 zombie tokens at The Source

Called it. You'll notice myself (red) and Toby (blue) died at this stage with only four turns left to win.