Thursday, 14 May 2015

14th May - 12th May Across the Dead Earth Game vs Toby

Not quite as much gaming accomplished this week as planned due to The Wife getting a call in to work on Tuesday, I guess we'll just have to settle for more money to spend on the Home Raiders Kickstarter :).

However still managed to get in another game with Toby, this time we decided to head back to our mini trial campaign of Across the Dead Earth. The last game saw me handed a loss, thankfully due to the efforts of Villa GP my medic it was a loss without injury, but a loss none the less. Due to a bit of hobby time spent finishing off a few bits of terrain we had a slightly more cover heavy table to play on, although I there was still plenty of firing lines for Toby's sniper.

Cliff surveyed the area, after the touch up they'd received a few weeks back the gang needed something to celebrate and it looked like there could be a few bits and pieces lying around that would justify a bit of..... Damn! Looks like we've got some familiar company. "Look lively lads, it's time to get some back on these boys"

We deployed on the long edge of the table from each other. Toby won the initiative and the first turn saw us both heading for loot counters. We've house ruled that it takes an action to pick up loot so neither of us managed to grab any although we both were within range of tokens for the next turn.

The second turn saw Toby with initiative again, but at least I knew which two dice to put aside for skill test now :). His leader got to the loot but unfortunately for him there had been an information error and the loot was actually another full turn away from him stalling him slightly. Cara Loft my grunt with a pistol clambered into the ruined office block but fell a few inches short of her loot counter and leaving her in the open for Toby's sniper to take a shot on the following turn if he so desired this turn having moved and secured the first loot token of the game. On the other side of the table Villa GP had grabbed loot himself and Angry Aaron (my assault member) moved to the crumbling wall of the large structure in order to hoist himself up the next turn. Toby's dog this game was causing a great amount of amusement failing most of it's obedience rolls finding something in the hedges far more interesting than anything it's owners were saying. His melee specialist (currently merely a grunt with rage) headed quickly toward the office block and Cara, but he had forgotten one thing. Cliff was in position to cover the young gang member, and sprang out in her defence opening up his shotgun from short range with devastating results putting the slightly crazed man out of action.

The third turn again led by Toby had his sniper take a shot a poor Cara, but a gun jam saw that end to no effect. The plucky lass moved up to the window for cover and took a wild shot back ignoring the loot around her boots in order to try to get her own back. His leader headed into the dark interior of the building finally finding the loot he'd originally been searching for. Villa meanwhile dropped the loot off at the holding point and waited to see where he would be of the most use. Toby's dog finally deciding that the bushes weren't that interesting after all headed through the gates after his master, but found an interesting tree on the way and once again got distracted. Angry having climbed the wall secured more loot for me. The melee gang member failed to do anything but bleed a little more after after some thought Cliff decided he couldn't see any thing to stop him and finished the man off before heading round to flank the sniper who was distracted by pistol round and his own slightly non-firing weapon.

I finally won my first round of initiative here so Cara quickly grabbed the loot and attempted to get the hell out of the snipers vision, but the steep dropped stopped her in her tracks. Toby's sniper grinned as he finally worked out what was wrong with his rifle, or so he though. Should metal make that noise??. Toby had managed to roll double sixes and destroyed his weapon, the now useless sniper risked the jump and ran for the friendly edge trying to escape with the loot now to make up for his lack luster efforts. Villa moved up the road hoping to cut some one off if needed. Toby's gang leader opted to leave via the gate, possibly to support his sniper buddy. Cliff decided to head toward the pair loosing a round from the shotgun but his rival managed to duck behind the bushes narrowly missing getting hit. The dog headed for the last loot token making it, but once again the new tree distracted him. Angry decided to try his luck and went for a shot at the rival leader but the range proved to be too much leaving him with not much to do up on his ledge.

Again initiative was mine for what would be the final turn of this game. Cliff lead off the turn first taking a shot at the sniper putting the unfortunate man out of action, then spun and took aim before firing again putting Toby's leader well out of action as well. Toby's dog finally managed to not become distracted and grabbed the last loot counter and jumped the broken wall corner, but Angry seeing his chance to shoot something ran along the edge and finished the game putting the dog down with a well placed shot.

I got a little distracted with the last turn of the game so I didn't manage to get any more shots. The after action rolls saw two of Toby's gang members lose a permanent point of toughness and his melee specialist a point of move. His leader was lucky with a minor injury costing him only ten credits. With the replacement rifle poor Toby was done and down to twenty credits. My haul however from the game was much larger and saw some improvements to all the members of my gang along with a new recruit a Sharpshooter named Tucker.

Great game and I'm thinking we'll trail some passive income rules before the next one and draw up a rough territory map. The Wife is keen to get her first game in soon, so hopefully between her, Toby, The Uncle, The brother and I we should be able to work out some sort of casual ongoing campaign once we've got things down.

 I'll try and get the pictures of the finished Sisters of Acquisition up soon, but it may have to wait until my days off.