Thursday, 21 May 2015

21st May - 20th May Follow Up Across the Dead Earth Game vs The Wife

After the first game two days ago The Wife has been keen to try again. Covered a shift at work Monday night so I ended up with last night off so The Wife being on her days off decided that it was the right time to take her vengeance.

Once again I let The Wife pick the deployment zone so we ended up in opposite corners. We rolled off for initiative and the game was away.

As per normal the first turn saw both of us heading towards the centre of the table and the loot. I decided to focus on the two piles in the open. The Wife also sent most of her gang towards the two of them and the handy building offering some firing lines, however her assault and medic gang members headed for the three storey ruins.

This time the second turn was slightly more interesting. While I managed to pick up the first loot token The wife was in a much better position with her assault member almost on loot herself and the rest of her gang, including the medic who started to come across the cover the flank and the central loot marker.

 The third turn saw the firefight begin. The Wife moved her sharpshooter up onto the roof of the building and into the covered corner, however my sharpshooter had been Watching and Waiting. His shot winged her but the tough woman kept on her feet and made it into her covered position, she then took a shot in return with deadly accuracy, but what's this!?! The bullet some how shattered (perhaps it was flawed on manufacture) on the four leaf clover my sharpshooter had found on the ground, saving him this time. The Wife's assault member finally finished scaling the ruins and grabbed the loot from the top of the building. My scout decided that it might be best just to get this loot back to camp now and took off back to the deployment zone. The Wife began to try to flank me with her scout on the far edge, but Angry Aaron my assault ganger charged in to hold her off. The Wife's leader bellowed for her sharpshooter to take another shot but this time her shot went wide perhaps she was flustered from the failure of her previous seemingly deadly shot. I decided to follow suit with my leader ordering Angry into a round of combat, which he ended up loosing but kept on his feet, he then moved to a better position and took a wild shot at the sharpshooter in her cover but failed to hit. The turn ended with my medic Villa GP grabbing the final loot marker, spotting his rival physician across from him he began a series of vile taunts but his female counterpart remained unmoved by his tirade and he pulled back to get some cover between him and the steadfast rifle toting woman.

 The Wife won initiative this time and her sharpshooter once again took a shot at her opponent, this time taking her time to aim and wham down he went the first knock down of the game. A cry of Medic! went out and as quick as that Villa was there. Cliff (my leader) gave the order and Villa quickly dragged the downed man out of sight of the deadly woman's line of sight. He followed this up with a quick shot that again failed to do anything but damage the building further so he pulled in to hug the wall. The Wife's scout pressed her advantage in the combat and managed to put Angry down and then took the time to finish the downed man, the first out of action of the game to The Wife too. Time to leave I was thinking. It took both his actions but Villa managed to get my fallen sharpshooter up and he quickly head for home deciding it was time to go. The Wife swung her medic around over the road and moved her leader up to the roof to offer more fire down upon my fleeing gang.

The next turn The Wife again won initiative and decided to begin by (heady with her success last turn) running her scout into combat with Cliff. The sheer immovability of the man and her fresh memory of the amount of damage the man had caused last time their gangs met caused the young woman to momentarily lose focus and she dropped both her weapons. Cliff took advantage of this and proceed to put the girl down and take her out with quick efficiency. The Wife's sharpshooter went into Watch and Wait and upon moving Villa was gunned down out of spite though my sharpshooter quickly dragged his fallen companion out of range of the woman's rifle. The final turn saw me get initiative and Cliff called it a day using his action to stream for the deployment zone and the gang quit the battlefield.

We rolled up the after battle effects this time just so The Wife could see how it worked. I got lucky with Villa having to miss the next battle and Angry suffering a minor wound that five credits would fix up. The Wife on the other hand would have learnt the lesson of pushing her luck with her poor scout rolling an arm injury and a permanent -1 to her melee, Cliff didn't appreciate being attacked I guess. Still she was quite happy to call it a victory though as she made me quit the table. Another great game. I haven't looked at how our rosters are meshing next week yet but hopefully another game of something soon. The Wife got a bit of work done on her Shaltari for Dropzone Commander so possibly another game of that.