Tuesday, 5 May 2015

5th May - Completed Across the Dead Earth Engineers and Nurse Penny

Put the final touches on my entries for the Across the Dead Earth Facebook group painting competition this morning. Then after a trip out to watch The Eldest compete in the district cross country (10th and onto the regional comp this year thanks for asking :) ), I came home and after a spray of matt varnish I took a few shots to post up.

I'm very happy with how they all came out Engineers and Nurse Penny both. I've taken the opportunity to play with some skin tones, washes and highlights and it was worth the time spent I think. As I painted her up I wasn't as happy with my choice of Penny as my single figure entry but after finishing her off and getting the basing done I think she's finished up rather well after all. Unfortunately the transparent paints I'd ordered to get her stockings done haven't arrived yet and as I'll be at work everyday from now till after the competition closes I played around with some very thinned out paints and basically just washed over a few layers which while not showing up as well in the photos as in the flesh... metal, has left me with a pretty close approximation of the sheer effect I was going for.

I've kept my usual AtDE basing on the Engineers but on Penny and I'll continue with the rest of the Sisters of Acquisition (who are on the painting table in various stages of completeness along with The State) I've gone for a roadway look which I think once I've got all the girls complete will give them quite a nice thematic basing and tie them all together rather well.

The Engineers

Barnabus the Leader

Watt the Medic
Daisy the Heavy, Tricky the Scout and Chinny the Sharpshooter (L to R)
Nurse Penny

 The Engineers catch Nurse Penny out in the open apparently all alone.

That's about it for now. Going to head back downstairs and get the table setup for a game with Toby tonight. Pretty certain it'll be either a game of Deadman's Hand or Across the Dead Earth or time permitting maybe both.