Tuesday, 19 May 2015

19th May - Across the Dead Earth Game vs The Wife

We've been trying to fit this one in for a while, but with our rosters and the school commitments for our daughters it's been hard to find the time, that combined with the fact I was trying to get the Sisters of Acquisition painted up for her meant it'd taken a while to get things sorted out.

Today finally saw it all come together. I had a little play with the skills and load out of the models and matched the points values to my current gang. Then we set up the table and ran her through the rules and each characters strengths and skills, The Wife picked her deployment zone and I set up opposite her.

The first couple of turns we headed circled around the buildings in our way heading toward loot counters. Although both of us were moving sharpshooters to higher positions, I made use of my Leaders Orders, where The Wife opt'd to use the greater movement to head for one of the central loot tokens in order to grab and dash.

This opened up a great shot for my sharpshooter and taking advantage of an initiative win I took a shot at her leader. My first shot with my new sharpshooter, double sixes saw his Head Shot ability kick in and just like that she was out of action. A great start to the game for me, not the best for The Wife though. Her sharpshooter got into position but unfortunately she was just out of range to take a return shot at my gang member, and couldn't see anyone else yet. She decided to chance her scout at a grab at the same loot her leader had just missed out on and managed to get there and pick it up. My scout charged in managing to engage her but unable to start the melee.

Her assault gang member then risked a rush at her opposite in my gang. Unfortunately for her it didn't have the desired effect and ended up with her taken out by Angry Aaron's SMG. Sister Penny her medic rushed to her aid, got her up and tried to leave the scene but a hidden Tripwire halted her out in the open. My leader Cliff, took the opportunity to flank Sister Sledgehammer and put her back out of action with a shot.

The next turn The Wife moved Sister Penny back in to help her fallen sister, but alas she was unable to raise the women back to her feet (I double checked with her before she started the action but she was determined). Cliff took the shot on offer missing once but knocking her out with the second shot. The Wife's scout attacked mine, but after a drawn first round she manged to get the upper hand and knocked out my scout. The only catch being my sharpshooter then had an open firing line at her scout and he put her down next to her fallen opponent.

Her sharpshooter then took the shot at Angry putting him down, but Villa GP rushed to his aid bringing him back to his feet. He then headed toward his assailant taking cover underneath her out of sight. The game rolled to it's close from there with Cliff taken his two victims out of action and after a couple of turns of inaccurate shooting Angry Aaron finally managed to put The Wife's sharpshooter down.

We had a recap of the game at the end and The Wife worked out where she went wrong, so she's challenged me to a rematch sometime soon.