Wednesday, 27 May 2015

27th May - 26th May Dropzone Commander vs Toby

I didn't get anything done this week hobby wise apart from airbrushing The Wife's second Shaltari purchase for Dropzone Commander. She's almost finished off her starter pack and I think they're coming along really well, there was a couple of colour scheme hiccups but they're all smoothed over now and I'm sure the next look will look even better.

Toby and myself have been going to fit in a game with my Scourge vs his Resistance but due to his lack of motorbike appropriate carry case it's been a little tricky lately, but he managed to get a hold of a car this week so brought his stuff over here (where it now lives for the moment). I hadn't got a game in myself for a while so it seemed like a good idea to me.

The first couple of turns were a little clunky as I refreshed myself with the rules again (I really should have re-read the rule book in the morning but......) but by the end the game was running smoothly, although there are a few things we're going to hit the forums to double check we had them right.

After only playing The Wife's Shaltari the stay-ability of the Resistance took me by surprise, with the few shots I managed to actually land (who'd have thought 2+ rolls would be so hard?!?) and then the fewer that damaged (again mostly 2+ or 3+) still leaving the vehicles on the table (damn these multi damage point vehicles in starter sets).

We called the game after the fourth turn when it was clear that despite horrible dice rolls I had managed to secure a victory with two markers that would be safely off the table before the end with no chance left for the Resistance to intercept. I may have been throwing skimmers into terribly open positions but I took out both of his Lifthawks leaving him unable to re-position or chase my withdrawing Marauder dropship or Invader APC. Unfortuately for me there was no way for my one remaining Anti-Air tank to do enough damage to his APC to prevent him from getting off the table although I did down the Lifthawk carrying it, the vehicle managed to avoid being destroyed in the crash and safely got off the table.

I didn't get enough shots to justify a full battle report this time but I did manage to capture some of the more cinematic moments

The Resistance Fighters take down the Marauder with a stream of rocket fire

The Scourge Warriors take aim on the Battle Buses below but fail to take a single vehicle out

The Scourge Reapers take out the first Lifthawk at the cost of one of themselves and the last Scourge Hunter

The Reapers close in on the withdrawing Lifthawk containing the objective carrying squad taking it out only to watch the APC continue off the edge

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