Sunday, 27 September 2015

27th Sept - 24th Sept Frostgrave vs The Youngest

Well I haven't managed to fit in as much painting as I would have liked over the last couple of weeks with my extra hours but I'm not unhappy either. I've made a decent start on my Abyssal Dwarves I'm just not as far along as I'd hoped but with two weeks off coming up from next Thursday I should be able to get them back on track without too much hassle.

Gaming wise I've managed to squeeze in another game, this time against The Youngest. After re-reading my Frostgrave rules I realised we had been playing the damage part of combat wrong (not sure how it happened but I was taking the difference of the hit rolls against armour instead of the successful roll) so we were eager to give them a run (especially my rather violent daughter).

I put my latest 4Ground acquisition (the ruined building kit) to use and made a narrow 2"x 4" table with some rather heavily cluttered firing lines and populated it with Boars (Anyaral Grishaks) and Ice Toads (Cthulhu Wars Deep Ones).

The Youngest won the first initiative roll and moved up in two solid groups. I got slightly bogged down by a boar and after it half killed my barbarian continued to move up towards the nearest treasure.

The poor Youngest managed to then attract the aggression of all but one of the remaining monsters, but managed to take care of them with out taking too much damage her war hounds being the heroes of the day.

Of course being her violent self she then decided to hurl an elemental blast at my poor apprentice who was just standing there minding his own business causing the poor fellow to lose almost half his health. Well I just wouldn't stand for it so her wizard suddenly found herself glowing and then became a pin cushion for my archers who quickly put her out of action for the game.

This was just the beginning of her bad luck for the turn with both of her conjured walls disappearing leaving her apprentice in the sights of Christian the Humble, Thaumaturge Extraordinaire and Worker of Miracles who in his generous nature (just one of his many, many good qualities) offered to forgive the damage done to his now healed apprentice and would allow her to escape unharmed and one treasure chest heavier if she would quit the field now and tend to her mistress. His generous offer was gratefully accepted and the fledgling enchanter left the field dragging her unconscious master with her.

Another fun game and so much smoother and bloodier when you play the rules as written :). The Eldest and The Wife currently have a Guildball game going, and I believe The Eldest is taking a few shots and notes so I can put up a post of the game.