Wednesday, 2 September 2015

2nd Sept - 1st Sept Frostgrave vs The Wife

After spending the morning together painting The Wife decided she wanted to get another game of Frostgrave in so I got to work setting up the table and a quick scenario. I decided on a central tower with two chests on either side flanked by two "statues" (large constructs that would come to life upon the treasure being picked up/moved) along with four zombies scattered around roughly a foot away. We would also deploy a single chest each that had to be within the two foot square centre area that would spawn a zombie on a D20+Wizard Level roll of fifteen or more.

We deployed on opposite sides of the road and began. The first turn just had us both advancing up and casting a couple of spells, but in the second both of us began engaging the surrounding zombies in both melee and ranged combat. Christian the Humble, Thaumaturge Extraordinaire and Worker of Miracles quickly had the rotting walker in front of him glowing presenting a nice target for his Ranger and after a quick shot the Barbarian rushed in and finished the job quickly downing the foe. The Apprentice took a little longer with his taking a few turns and some spectacular miscasts, although he thankfully managed to cast heal without hurting himself in the progress, but the shambling foe was soon taking down through the valiant efforts of the Man-at-Arms. 

On the other side The Wife got a little bogged down with her undead attackers, but after some minor miscasts and some amazingly luckily timed shambles by the zombies (I can't call them dodges when it's a zombie can I?!?!) she was able to pull down both of them with Jenny Crafter of Trinkets once again mostly abandoning her school of magic in favour of her single Witch spell Curse, perhaps she missed her calling. You now how it goes all you ever wanted to do was be a witch but overbearing parents forced you in apprenticeship with the local Enchanter and that was that.... 

This set up both up to grab chests. I had been slowly moving up two infantry men for the task and one of them quickly grabbed the potential zombie spawning chest but managed to avoid waking it's guardian. On the other side The Wife's infantry men attempted the same task but a zombie quickly clawed it's way out of the ground and sprang to the attack. However her apprentice remembering he was an Enchanter and not a Witch cast telekinesis on the tower chest closest to him bring it forward but activating it's guard who was slow to awaken and merely turned to lock eyes on the potential thieves.

Emboldened by the apparent lack of speed of the guardian my second infantry man made a grab for the second tower chest but as luck would have it his construct sprang to life and engaged him in combat forcing him to drop the chest and defend himself which he did managing to wound the automaton. 

With the combination of the powerful magics of Christian the Humble, Thaumaturge Extraordinaire and Worker of Miracles and his apprentice and the force of blows from the infantry man, barbarian and even the humble thug the beast was quickly felled and loot secured. On the other side Jenny Crafter of Trinkets was caught up in a pair of ongoing combats and while eventually downing both beasts my ranger had time to run up and play touch the chest as her apprentice was busy throwing rocks at the construct before him. A warning that perhaps if she was going to be focused on such a insignificant task as saving the lives of hirelings then perhaps next time she would be going home one chest lighter...

We're really enjoying this rule set both for it's simplicity of mechanics and it's fast play ability. On a painting note, the Fishermen team for Guildball is now varnished so pictures tomorrow before I head to work hopefully, then I think it'll be time to start work cleaning up and gluing the hundred off Abyssal Dwarves I now own for Kings of War.