Friday, 11 September 2015

11th September - 10th September Update

I've not had a lot of time for hobby lately (with someone out on holidays at work and covering the holes in the roster) but I've been squeezing it in where I can, of course this means less involved updates for the moment. I've played a few games of Sentinels of the Multiverse with The Daughters. Had a game a few weeks ago so I picked up last week. It's great for my current limited time frame. I've also glued most of my Abyssal Dwarf army for Kings of War, just waiting for a few missing pieces and I've still got to put the golems together but the hundred odd models I've got done will be enough to start with.

Tabletop wise I've got one of the guys from board game night interested in Infinity (he's looking at getting a Combined Army Morat starter box). The Eldest and I currently have a Guildball game going on one of the tables downstairs which we had to put on pause due to her assignments/my work. Finally The Wife and I squeezed in a quick game of Across the Dead Earth.

We just set up a small table with a single loot counter, both gangs coming to check out a rumor of a great haul to be had. It was a quick bloody encounter with The Wife and I both ending up with most of our gangs knocked out. She played boldly and for a few turns it looked like it was going to pay off for her, unfortunately for her boldness turned into recklessness and I'd soon put all her gang down and left the table with my reward..... It was a scam 5 measly credits damn State arena setups, the bastards must have been watching the whole thing from up in the hills...

My sharpshooter takes posistion

The Wife's sharpshooter
takes aim and puts down
my scout
The doctor is quick to
come to her aid, just not
so quick administering it

My leader takes a shot at The Wife's
assault gang member

My assault ganger takes
her down
The Wife's leader gets

Once again my leader misses

The Wife's sharpshooter doesn't

My sharpshooter finishes off
The Wife's medic and

And her leader is down
giving me the game

I'm looking at finishing off the game against The Eldest on Sunday and I'm hoping to get a decent start on my Abyssal Dwarves before I go on holidays in a few weeks but it'll depend on how much time I've got.