Friday, 18 December 2015

18th December - Finished Tables

One last days work then some driving and the tables are done (just have to get time to paint/stain the legs and shelving but that can happen when/if.. it does). Had The Youngest helping this time round and she did a great job.

We got two tables over in the end on Monday as The Wife's car was in getting hail damage repaired so I had to duck out after loading the trailer with the other two tables and Toby got held up doing some running around for his parents (who had graciously allowed us to work out of their garage, use the tools and store the tables there for the last three weeks, a big thank you to them for that), but two was enough for us to get out all my newly arrived second wave Cthulhu Wars for games night and fit it all nicely with room for all.

Toby came round the next morning and dropped off the last couple of tables, but I was up at The Brother's house getting in a game of Saga (battle report coming in the next few days once I get some time) so while he got one in the table with the battle board shelves was too much for him so I finally got it in the house yesterday. Now I have to rearrange a few things downstairs to make it all fit a bit nicer but I'm happy to have them all here all ready for Christmas.

Two, that's right two different types of shelving!!