Tuesday, 8 December 2015

8th December - Another Table update

Spent the day working away until we had to leave to pick The Youngest up from school, but we got a good solid effort in again on the tables with The Wife also coming along this week to give us a hand {which she bloody well should seeing as it's her present to me and all :) }.

Toby and myself put together the last table with the slated shelving for my Games and Gears battle boards while The Wife and The Eldest put in some hard work sanding and staining the table tops.

Toby demonstrating proper sanding
techniques to The Eldest
And away she goes

Getting that nice smooth finish
The Wife getting things done

Boxing in the table for shelving

Now a lesson on staining
I think they've got it

Now after we left Toby unbeknownst to me continued on as I had mentioned I'd love to get them home next week for games night (I received wave two of my original Cthulhu Wars pledge so that's what we're playing with next week), plus it's time to ramp up our practice matches for the upcoming Christmas Saga tourney and this is now the state of the tables.

Basically leaves us with a light sand and another coat of stain, then some paint on the legs to get done next Monday then the trip (or two) to bring them home. Again a big thank you to Toby for his efforts and of course The Wife and The Eldest. Next week we put The Youngest to work as well :).

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