Monday, 21 December 2015

21st December - Saga Game, Hobby and Christmas Tournament Preperations

It's been a bit of a busy week with the Christmas build up at work but I've persevered with hobby along side it all.

I was up at The Brother's house on Saturday for The Sister-in-Law's birthday so we decided to get a bit of a game starting before lunch and then finishing it off after we'd returned. The game had The Brother, The Eldest Nephew, The Eldest and I face off in the A Feast for the Crows scenario.

The game began with the normal first turn moving spree. The Nephew used his second turn to send his rather heavily armoured Beserkers across the table at me and even though most of his men were swiftly recruited to Valhalla only six of my brave Warriors fell. On the far edge of the table the Pagan Rus and Norse Gael quickly closed on each other.

The Norse Gael warriors closed on the Pagan Rus but fate was not with the brave souls on this day and while they did bring down one stalwart Rus Hearthguard only one Dane axe wielding man survived to pull back from the fray. On the other Norse Gael flank my warriors slammed into The Eldest's other warrior unit crying out to Freya and Ullr. While two of my men fell they pushed back the Norse Gael leaving four of them lying dead at the site of the skirmish. The Nephew then closed the turn with a cheeky Loki taking my surviving two warriors from his previous attack.

The Brother took the opportunity offered to him and charged The Eldest's exposed warchief taking him out and unfortunately for my daughter her cursed dice continued as she failed to kill any of the attackers. The Norse Gael warriors hurled their javelins at my warriors felling two more of the brave men. This was followed up by a brutal attack killing two more of my men with her losing one of her hearthguard. I retaliated with a charge from my own hearthguard cutting her remaining hearthguard down.

I decided to take the offered bait from The Nephew charging my Beserkers into his Hearthguard the brutal combat ending with all men lying dead on the ground. I then decided enough was enough and put The Eldest out of her misery for today's game finishing off her remaining warriors and vanquishing her from the field. The Nephew then decided to send his warchief over in an attempt to draw me out for a duel, but with the constant use of his fatigue the poor man fell short. With the generous amount of fatigue on the board thanks to the combats The Brother finally pulled Endless Waste out of his arsenal and began to reap the victory points.

The last couple of turns had the Great Winter roll in limiting all movement. I looked at closing on The Brother's forces but they were sadly out of reach. The Nephew Loki'd my second tattered warrior unit and I finally gave in and closed on his warchief although I brought a handy group of hearthguard along with me and at the cost of one of my loyal followers took out the rival warchief.

The final score saw The Brother take victory with sixteen victory points although I wasn't far off the pace with twelve. The Nephew got a respectable ten and unfortunately The Eldest only managed four and a half, but I have to point out that her dice were heavily cursed on the day.

Painting wise I took a break from my Abyssal Dwarves and knocked over a Jotum for my Pan O Infinity faction. I'm not sure if it will ever actually be played with now though as The Wife has decided she likes the look of the Tohaa which we've now bought the bulk of a first attempt at a 300 point force.

I've also got the table's set up for the Christmas tournament. It's looking like there'll be ten of us playing so I've got five 3x3 play areas set up. I'm thinking we'll be running two boards as Crossing the Fords, two as just a standard fight and possibly one as Sacred Ground.

Finally I've almost finished a small stone circle for the Sacred Ground board, I just want to add a few vines or some poison ivy to the stones themselves and I've gone back to my Abyssal Dwarves starting work on my gargoyles.