Thursday, 3 December 2015

3rd December - Hobby Update

So I haven't really got a lot of gaming in this week, although The Eldest and I did manage to get in the first three scenarios of the Malifaux stater box more on that to come. I've basically either been at work, chained to my painting desk or building my Christmas present from The Wife as she's now working on opposite days to Toby who has been doing the actual construction himself.

So for Christmas this year The Brother and I have decided to start the Annual Torrent Christmas Saga Grand Melee, but to pull this off I'd need something more substantial than the two collapsible tables I currently have downstairs. Enter The Wife and The Mother (and a few hundred from me) who have gone in together to buy me the materials to build four gaming tables, combined with Toby's ability to actually put wood together in a large scale and have to stay together for a permanent sort of time frame. With The Eldest on holidays already she decided to come round and help out this weekend performing such tasks as sawing, gluing, drilling and the ever important stress testing. We got three put together this week, so a few more set of days off to go on them before they're done but they'll be ready for the big event.

While we were down in Sydney we stopped into MOAB which just happened to be on the same weekend. The Eldest spotted some Malifaux stuff and liked the look of it so we did a bit of research upon our return to the hotel and decided to look into it some more as it sounded interesting. Once we got home we watched a few YouTube videos and decided we'd pick up the two player starter box. I took a break from my endless painting of Abyssal Dwarves on Monday and put the minis together and we sat down to have a play. I have to say I'm hooked. On first look I went "Oh it uses cards instead of dice" but after playing I think it actually is a rather cool mechanic. The ability to use the cards in your hand to cheat fate adds that extra level to it, especially once you start adding more models into your warband. Cheat fate is essential if you are currently losing what ever the draw is for (combat, initiative, etc) or aren't happy with the damage you've done you can play one of the cards from your hand to up your total/damage. With a small number of models you're tempted to cheat fate every test but once you add more numbers it becomes an extra layer in your thinking whether to save the big card in your hand for a more important model or will you draw higher than anyway. I'll be grabbing myself a Gremlins box in the next couple of weeks, just waiting for The Eldest to decided if she wants to expand on either faction in the starter box and to get a game in with The Wife and The Youngest to see if we need anything else.

Painting wise the dwarves are done, well almost. I'm up to basing, then I'll paint the eyes in and give it all an Army Painter wash. I'm pretty sure I'll be giving myself a break by painting a couple of TAGs for Infinity next although Nephew One is thinking of Vikings for the Saga tourney so I may need to paint up my extra Warlord just waiting to hear the result of their game yesterday.