Tuesday, 8 December 2015

8th December - Painting, Basing and The Family begins Saga practice

It's been a pretty busy couple of days in the household hobby wise. I decided to really push to finish off my Abyssal Dwarf Immortals/Blacksouls and at the same time did the finishing touches of my Frostgrave Thaumaturge and apprentice.

Christian the Humble
Thaumaturge Extraordinaire
and Worker of Miracles 
And his apprentice Fred

I have to admit these aren't the best photos I've taken but I figure they'll appear again in another Frostgrave report at some stage

Observing the field

I decided I wanted to keep the lava feel to my Abyssal Dwarf force that I first started in my Lesser Obsidian Golems, but after seeing some of the bits and pieces The Brother has done with pumice pastes I decided to give it a go. I'm happy with the final effect and I think I'll be continuing with the pumice over the mix of basing gravel I used on my first attempt.

While I've been doing this The Eldest has had a couple of games of Saga against The Youngest which she won 15 to 11 though The Youngest had forgotten some of the rules for her Irish with their Champions so they're intending to have a rematch in the next day or so. Her second game was against The Wife and ended after a complete bloodbath with both sides left with the warchief and a man or two but again she nabbed a victory 15 to 14. In The Brother's house The Eldest Nephew has been challenging his father to game after game trialing several different factions but I have been informed today has finally tasted victory pushing past Welsh lines with some brave Viking warriors and pushing across the ford winning the day.

Heading back to Toby's today to get some more work done on the tables. Hopefully we might get a couple completed to the point we can bring them home this week.