Tuesday, 29 March 2016

29th Finished Relics Britanan Highlanders and Infinity Kurgat Engineer

I've been trying to catch up on some painting the last few days and I've managed to finish off my Britanan Highlanders for Relics finishing off my starter set. I do have another four or so units to go, but as I'm sure you've noticed I've been playing a fair amount of Infinity so I currently have another few hundred points of Combined Army models primed and I've started a couple of the Shasvastii troopers to give me a little more variety. I've also taken a few shots of the Kurgat Engineer I finished off last week.



Back to normal work hours again this week, but I'm hoping with the school holidays on I'll get a few more games in. We finally pulled Dungeon Saga down and gave it a play, nice simple mechanics and not a bad way to spend an hour I'd say we'll push through the first campaign over the holidays. I'm also planning on getting another game of Infinity in with The Brother and hopefully I'll be able to organise a time with The Uncle to give him a look at the system as well.