Monday, 12 January 2015

12th January - Fixed Nomads, Pinkerton's and Anyaral

I've been incredibly busy the last week and a bit with a whole slew of things hobby wise. Painting, kit building, board games and a couple of quick skirmish games against The Wife. And all this pinned around work, running The Wife around in her car (mine's out getting hail damage repaired) and having The Daughters home on holidays.

First off gave those dusty looking Nomads another spray with the varnish and they've come up beautifully, not a hint of the frostiness from before. Forgive the blurry photo but didn't bother taking a better one seeing as I'd already put a post up for these guys.

My first painting project for the year was getting my Devanu Outcasts painted from the Anaryal: World of Twilight kickstarter. A few reasons for this. Number one the models are brilliantly cast and I wanted to see how well they'd turn out painted. Two I'd promised The Wife I'd get them on the go as she was right behind me with this one both of us coming to the other about going all in for this one. And three there is currently a painting competition that he's running for the next three months offering Twilight Points to be used as webstore credit as a prize and I really want to get more, the thirteen or so baggies I've currently got not being enough after seeing some of the stuff that is being worked on at the moment. I won't go into too much detail as I'll be putting up another post for these on their own to link into the forums as my entry. But here's a picture of the first lot I've completed. I got right into these and had them done in about three days, essential I broke it down into one type of creature per day.

I've now got the Delgon Kalgarkii soldiers out on the back deck with the primer coat drying. These will be a little more subdued colour wise being a militaristic theocracy faction of grey skinned Fubarnii the smaller race that currently dominates the world, having rebelled and overthrown the older Devanu empire. The Delgon were never enslaved buy the Devanu but still have been subject to their raids at times

A couple of months or so back, The Daughter's and I had a game set in the old west and they loved it. So a quick word to my mother and there's a couple of Deadman's Hand gang boxes for them for Christmas, Renegade Indians for The Youngest and Banditos for the Eldest. Not to be left behind I picked up a 7th Cavalry box for The Wife, The Pinkertons for myself, the Outlaws for Toby and a bundle deal from War and Peace Games for the 4 ground Wild West themed building kits (The bundle I grabbed is gone by the looks {Everything!!} but there are still a couple of different ones there).  I've put together the back street buildings, the gallows and the sheriff's office just by knocking them over one at a time after work.

Pinkerton's visit the local sherrif

Once I'd finished up with the Anaryal figures I also got my gang painted up and finished. After the likes of the Anaryal and Corvus Belli Infinity metals I've been painting I have to be honest I did not find these as enjoyable to paint but I'm still happy with the way they'be finished up. I've also now got The Wife's 7th Calvary drying so we can try to get a game in within the next couple of weeks.

Some of the Boys watch the front
And the back

And someone has to cover from high ground