Tuesday, 13 January 2015

13th January - World of Anyaral Competition Entry

While it appears that the picture posting issue on the forums has been fixed, I figured I'd save space and do a quick blog post to link for my entry.

I had seen a couple of the models my Uncle had bought a few year ago, but the kickstarter was my first real look at the miniatures proper and the world. I like it. After reading the rule book I have to say I'm impressed with the scope of the world developed for this game and can't wait to really get cracking on enacting my own adventures throughout the lands.

Ok to business. I'm aiming to get a couple of different things painted up each month depending on how distracted I get by other piles of metal and plastic around the place, but I'm determined to get at least one force painted up each month. 

I've started with the Devanu Outcasts to begin with, not for any real reason to be honest, it came down to they were the first bag I grabbed when trying to work out what to start with :). I read the rule book first to get the appropriate grounding from the fluff and this is what I've come up with.

Better focus on the
sempa, forgive the wet
PVA on the base best photo
I have of them
Focus mainly on the Kopa showing the
larger amount of bone highlight across
the face 
I started with the Grishaks. The outcast pack came with one Kopa and two Sempa. The Kopa being the elder and would naturally be the alpha of the pack if not for the Devanu in control with the sempa being mature animals themselves. To me these models just cried out to be green so that's what I did, with a darker heavier green around the head to show off the harder denser skin around the head to protect them from counter attacks. To show the further growth and dominance of the kopa over the sempa I've added more Ivory highlights mostly along head as well as a few touches along his back and legs just to show the added weight and protection that being an elder has bestowed.

Spear Thrower and the second of the pack
The Handler wearing scavenged Grishak
hides taken from his charges
The second day saw the Devanu themselves hit the painting table. Once more I felt these were just screaming a colour they wanted, this time orange. I took the Devanu to be a savage race prone to overt displays of strength and confidence and figured that naturally evolution would have steered them towards a bright yet aggressive colour. Again I chose to show a noticeable physical change through the different ages/pack levels, this time having their skin become more vibrant with their markings becoming dark and blacker as they age or gain dominance over the pack. While the Outcasts have no Kopas or Sempas, I have darkened the skin tone of the pack alpha and shown the spear thrower and beast master to be the least dominate of the pack by keeping their colours dull.

The "Alpha" of the outcasts

Focus is on the stone work here
The final figure was the Kosok, a winged predatory beast large enough to harass a fubarnii. With this model I decided to have a bit of fun and went for a brighter almost clashing colour scheme. The thinking behind this was it was dangerous enough that it didn't need to camouflage itself overly and would also serve as a warning to challengers that perhaps this was a creature you don't want to mess with. While painting I played around with the stones at the base of the tree a bit and I have to say I love the final effect. I've modified what I did on these stones a little and I'm currently painting some Lesser Obsidian Golems for Kings of War using the same colours with a dark wash step to deepen the base colour and provide a clearer contrast to the highlight.

The Kosok soars above the handler
waiting for his signals

The finished Devanu Outcasts

I've got the Delgon Kalgarkii soldiers and thier Nurakira Acolyte leader primed now and hopefully I'll have them painted up before the end of January.