Friday, 23 January 2015

23rd January - Second Starter Force Painted for Anyaral: World of Twilight

So managed to get another starter force painted for January, and I'm hoping I may get a third one done before the months out. This time it was for the Delgon. The Delgon are a closed off now theocratic society of Fubarnii living in a harsher northern part of the continent. Unlike their southern cousins they never laboured as slaves under the Devanu but as the old empire crumbled some where driven north and caused a fair amount of havoc. After centuries of resisting all offers to join the Fubarnii empire both diplomatic and militaristic their gods the Enarii have come among them with a message of a single empire under them and the Delgon have been gearing up for war.

Delgon young are taken from their parents and raised in creches and here it is decided what role they shall fulfill beginning as young jenta and for the rest of their lives.

A small force this time consisting of a NuraLehn leading six KalGarkii. The NuraLehn is a young acolyte in the priesthood who often lead form the front lines often serving to run messages or lead small units of troops. KalGarkii are the rank and file of the Great Retribution, what they lack in training they make up for with numbers and unquestioning loyalty to their priesthood leaders.

I'll start off with the KalGarkii soldiers. I've gone for an grey skin tone in line with the description in the rule book. The amour I decided would be a duller steel in my thinking lending more weight to a feel of a recent increase in production with more time spent crafting the material and less time spent on the buffing and finishing of the finished piece. With their weapons I've gone for a brighter more honed steel on the head with a copper haft. Seeing as fubarnii live underground as much as over and the Delgon use of various steam powered mechanical devices and experimental weapons developed through use of engineers I've gone for metal hafts. While copper in colour they are most likely some form of alloy or metal unknown here on Earth. I'm also intending to use this as part of an over-lining theme across my Delgon soldiers, along with the black grey pants and the splashes of red signifying the Retribution. The sleeves are what I am using to signify the units position and role with in the Delgon army structure with the blue signifying a forward observation/scouting role and the paleness meaning they are a newly formed unit used for run of the mill missions (i.e. scouting the countryside en-route to targeted villages or cities) or expendable combat roles.

The NuraLehn leader is actually the model I painted first from this group, I figured the single colour robe would be a good place to start while I was getting a feel for what I wanted to do with these guys in a thematic sense. While painting the robe the hood stood out to me as a way to both show rank in the priesthood and the devotion to the Enarii mission of Retribution and hence the red to signifying the blood that must be spilled in order to bring the land together in peace and order under their holy word. The copper discs around the hood show a low rank among the priesthood and will of course be exchanged as the priest rises up through the ranks. It then came to the sash and low flowing sleeves to give a feeling of belonging to the unit.

My choice of basing has highlighted my lack of tundra or winter
terrain which I'm going to have to remedy

The day I got these guys finished The Youngest and I set up a 3' x 3' table and I knocked up a quick scenario involving the Delgon scouting the road to a nearby Empire village and getting ambushed by a Devanu beast handler and a loyal Grishak. We made a few mistakes with the rules, but by the end of the second game I had them sorted out in my head and we'd both enjoyed them swapping sides are the first one to get a feel for both factions. The Wife and The Eldest had a game that night that they both enjoyed it as well. My only problem was with only seventy-five points of Delgon an unlucky dice roll quickly meant a defeat for the Devanu so the solution was to get some more painted. As I stated in my previous post I've got a couple of higher ranked priests and their bodyguard primed now and the plan is to get them under the brush and finished off in the next few days.