Tuesday, 20 January 2015

20th January - Finished KoW Lesser Obsidian Golems, Finished Delgon, Incoming AARs

Managed to get quite a bit done this week. Finished off the Kings of War Golems and therefore made the first step towards finishing my Abyssal Dwarf force for said game (well the first few boxes anyway, until the Kickstarter turns up). I had my first crack at lava basing and I think it's turned out pretty well. I also finished off the Delgon NuraLehn and KalGarkii troopers for the Anaryal : World of Twlight game and painting contest.

Of course having two painted factions meant a game had to be played so The Youngest and I had a couple of seventy-five point games with a quick scenario I cooked up to come to grips with the rules. The Wife just finished playing The Eldest before and after three games I'm fairly certain I've got them down and I have to say it's a really nice little skirmish game. I've got a battle rep coming for The Youngest and my games. Of course the limited points made things very much unforgiving for the Devanu player so the only thing to do was to prime some more Delgon to get the value's up. So I've got NuraSen (technically the character Gohral, but I doubt he'll hit the scenario), a NuraKira (again another character Obal but we'll see) and four KalDreman (elite bodyguards pledged to serve the Delgon by Dhogu warlords). This should bring things up to 220ish points and make things alot more balanced.

So onto the pretty pictures

Golems prior to basing

Front view
I'm really happy with the lava effect. I've basically built upwards from a dark red through to the brighter yellow just with progressive colour changes and thinner coats as I went upward. I've then had a play with some realistic water which is my new favourite toy and added a couple of coats which has given it a nice sheen and a bit more depth in my opinion. I have a feeling lava is going to feature heavily throughout the army as I get them painted up. The photo comes up ok but they are brilliant in the flesh.... so to speak.

Rear view

As with the Devanu a couple of posts ago I'll just leave you with the one picture as I'll go more in depth again with the why's and have more photos to show in the competition post. I don't have any terrain to match the bases so I've just done them on the plain white backdrop.

NuraLehn and KalGarkii

I'll leave things there tonight and hopefully get the AARs (Single post though) and another competition post to link in the forums up in the next day or two depending on how tied up I get with work.... oh alright I'll give you an "action" shot from one of the games.