Sunday, 25 January 2015

25 January - Finished Delgon Characters and KalDreman Bodyguard

Knocked over another Twilight force pack from the kickstarter, been feeling very motivated to paint lately. This time it was NuraSen Gohral, his four KalDreman bodyguard, and NuraKira Obal. In keeping with my ideas about the Delgon colour coding its priests and soldiers by both rank/experience and role I've expanded on my colour markings.

First up is NuraKira Obal. As a NuraKira she has had all of the copper coloured parts of her priestly garb upgraded to silver. I've decided that as one of the priests sent out to spread the word of the Enarii through out the Empire she has green trim on her sleeve and belt. In recognition of her greater experience in this role they are darker (the darker the colour the more rank/experience in the current role).

We move on now to NuraSen Gohral an elder priest and one of the key players in the orchestration of the Retribution. His priestly trappings are all in gold and the belt and trim of his sleeves are both in the purple of such a lofty member of the priesthood.

As befits a priest of his rank Gohral is accompanied by a full complement of four bodyguards. The KalDreman are brave Dhogu (a race of Fubarnii from the Setir Mountains) pledged to the Delgon by their Kimut (warlord). Again in line with Delgon practice they wear the purple of the priest they are assigned to protect, but still retain the fur leggings of their northern homelands. Named for their distinct weaponry the are fearsome in battle and will willing lay their lives down for their charge.

NuraSen Gohral listens to the report from his favourite NuraKira
while his KalDreman bodyguards scans the surrounds for danger

I'm not sure where I'm going from here to be honest. I'm thinking it's time for some empire. I'm thinking I'll kick it off with the Hunters and Slingers and more than likely the Traders Caravan. Also on the slate for this month is Combined Army force for Infinity which The Youngest, myself and a mate have decided to get into this year. I will be expanding the Pan-O and Nomads from the starter box to round out to the suggested 300 points, but Combined Army just appealed to me more. I'm also intending to get some terrain sorted out for both Twilight and Across the Dead Earth through February as well.