Friday, 1 January 2016

1st January - Happy New Years!! and The Last Week

Happy New Year!

It's been a busy couple of weeks since my last update with work, Christmas Day and all the bits in between. Hope everyone has had a nice couple of weeks and caught up with friends, family and hobby :).

First off I would like to publicly thank my lovely wife for her main gift of Kingdom of Death: Monster. I've yet to begin assembling any of the many, many, many.... many sprues in the box but I'm definitely looking forward to getting into it soon.

The Christmas Tourney went off well, while we only got two rounds in thanks to some of us (The Brother and myself) getting a little carried away with Christmas cheer everyone had a great time. We ended up with eight players two Vikings, one Pagan Rus, one Welsh, one Irish, one Norse Gael, one Anglo-Danish and one Anglo-Saxon. The Brother took out the day with two solid wins with his Rus. We're thinking next year it'll be probably be a Boxing day tourney so that we manage to get all the rounds in but these are the things you learn as you run family holiday tournaments :).

I've been spending most of today sorting, checking and assembling my Forward Base Power Strain Plus pledge from the Antenocitis Workshop Terrain for Infinity kickstarter. I've assembled six of the buildings so far today and I've only come across one slightly miss packed bag of resin and one missing perspex bag which I'll get sorted out once I've finished the lot. I have to say I'm impressed with the quantity and quality of product I got for myself on this one. I'm only putting the basic structure together at the moment, I'll wait till it's all together before I start assembling the resin exterior and interior pieces but I think already they are an exceptional product and the adding of the final details can only improve that opinion.

 Cargo Containers

 Hab 1 - General Purpose
Hab 3 - Dormitory

 Hab 6 - Science Lab

Hab 7 - Admin/Comm Tower

Hab 4 - Big "L"

Hab 2 - Med Lab

They all have internal scatter and various other resin components. I'm hoping to tackle another building or two tonight but we'll see how it goes, either way I'm pretty sure I'll have the basic assembly done in the next few days. I've also knocked together The Wife's Anglo-Danish hovels I got her for Christmas though I still have to finish off the thatching on the roofs.

Gaming wise I'm heading up to The Brothers place on Sunday and we're aiming to get a game or two of Saga in, and then possible another one or something else here on Monday possibly. I've finished off my test regiment of Gargoyles for my Abyssal Dwarf army but I haven't quite got around to getting a photo done yet.