Thursday, 21 January 2016

21st January - Painting Update

Well I've been pretty busy getting a whole mess of nothing done :). While that's not entirely true, we've been playing through our new wave of board games, on the war game front I've not done an huge amount.

The Wife and I played a game of Relics finally. Her Nuem up against my Britanan, I haven't got any photos as it was mostly un-assembled models none of which was even primed. Enjoyed the game and after reading through the 2nd edition beta rules on the web site I'm interested to see where they end up but I like the direction they seem to be taking. I followed this up with a game against The Youngest and her Vaettir. I lost both of these games but it's spurred us all onto getting this glued and primed.

On the painting front I've managed to finish off my gargoyles for my Abyssal Dwarves and I've moved on to my Angkor Heavy Mortars. 

WIP Mortar teams

The Current Force [I may need a bigger light box ;)]

Halfbreeds, another set of Lesser Golems, the Greater Golem and my Slave Orcs to go. But I'm thinking the Britanan will probably hit the table next and possible the remaining couple of figures for my Nomad and PanO forces for Infinity so every one in the house has a full 300 point force ready for the upcoming Beasts of War online campaign once it launches.

Heading down to Canberra this week end for Cancon with The Brother and The Uncle so looking forward to that. I'm also entering my first tournament on the Monday with the Saga: Southern Fury Grand Melee so looking forward to getting a few games in with some different people and seeing how I go.