Friday, 29 January 2016

29th January - 26th Saga vs The Youngest

The Youngest didn't feel like board games at the Australia Day barbecue at my place, so I volunteered to play something else with her. After a bit of a brainstorm she decided she'd like to have a game of Saga. So borrowing two points worth of models from her sisters Norse Gael we setup for a Champion of God clash (Basic slaughter/victory point game).

She won the toss and began with an aggressive move with her dog unit (Irish special warrior choice). I was playing around with some different unit size compositions in this game and met her charge with my large block of warriors who not only cut her dogs down at the loss of four of there own went on to take out the trailing group of hearthguard behind them and finish up with still two of the original twelve souls on their feet.

It was at this point I was subjected to some very well used Irish Champions (single model half-warlord type units) and some very nice use of her battle board with both Champions being used to great effect cutting down swathes of Viking warriors while seemingly shrugging off blows the would fell lesser men. While I eventually managed to pull one of them down with a warrior unit her other champion not only survived an attack from one of my hearthguard choices but only left one of them standing.

My Berserkers did there job taking out her six man hearthguard block but unfortunately they were wiped in the combat as I was going to swing what was left of them (if any) into that surviving man to try to bring him down.

Not letting herself focus on any one section of the battlefield this time The Youngest also kept a unit in reserve and was able to completely stall my flanking attempt with relative ease.

It was only in the last turn of the game I was able to grab my victory using my warlords "bodyguard" (read sacrificial) unit of warriors to charge in and take out her favourite champion (with use of Valhalla giving me an additional eight dice versus some poor rolling from her) and a last action charge of warlord on warlord (though I may have managed to "Side by Side" my warriors into the fray as well).

It was a great game with a close finish and it really did come down to the dice on this one. She had been getting her US Ariadna stuck together over the last week of her holidays so I'm looking forward to her getting them finished off and getting some Infinity in with her in the upcoming year. The Eldest has been getting a few bits and pieces in herself and has decided she wants her own Nomads for Infinity rather than relying on mine so I picked her a few bits and pieces up down at Cancon.

Going to be hopefully getting together with The Brother soon to put on a demo game of Guildball for him and I'll be handing my Butchers guild over to him if he enjoys it.

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