Thursday, 7 January 2016

7th January - Quick Hobby Update

Just a quick one before I head off to work today. I've got a few shots of the last couple of Antenocitis Workshop Forward Base buildings and a shot of my Cracked Earth Studio buildings.

The Forward Base Buildings:

Hab 8 - Recreation Centre

Hab 5 - Workshop + TAG Bay

Hab 9 - Armoury
[This will look more impressive once I get the gun inserts painted and in the cabinets :)]

And the prepainted Cracked Earth Terrain:

They are slightly modular with the sphere in cog on the tower and the water tank & one of the chimney stacks being removable from the inn. I'm definitely going to be picking up the ruined building they have on offer and possibly one or two other bits as well.

That's about it for today, I've started painting up the rest of the gargoyles for Kings of War so I'll hold off with the pics of the completed unit and just put them all up when they're done.