Wednesday, 6 January 2016

6th January - 3rd Jan Saga vs The Brother

So after a couple of daughter free days I headed up to pick up the kids and to get a game with The Brother in preparation for our upcoming Saga tournament at Cancon.

Pagan Rus 
There were two scenarios we hadn't played yet in the player pack so we setup for Champion of God (not that it was something too different from what we've played before but it was easier than setting up a hill :)  ).

The first couple of turns had us both closing in though I was being cautious of his Slave (levy) unit and their javelins after my Bondi (warriors) failed to crack then last game but finally in the third turn I offered a few words to the gods and charged in. I was determined to try some different tactics on this one but Frigg and Ullr I just find to be such a nice combination. I went with it and this game saw some nicer die rolls decimating the Slaves and pushing them back onto his larger unit of Varjazis (hearthguards) effectively blocking them in.

The Brother responded with some javelin fire but failed to take out a man, he also began to bring more soldiers over to assist against the obvious Viking push.

The next melee saw some different ploys from both of us with his Slaves ending up with higher armour than my warriors though I used Thor so we ended up fighting two rounds of combat. The first had him left with only two Slaves and the second took out those men, leaving me with five Bondi left. Deciding I could afford to lose the unit I slammed into his eight strong Varjazis unit and using Frigg, Valhalla and Heimdal I managed to tear down half the unit, a trade off I was happy with.

The Brother slowed down the next turn with The Great Winter reforming his battle lines. 

I took what I would later find out was bait and moved forward to engage his warrior unit only to see his plan on his following turn.

On the last turn he took his gamble and the Pagan Rus Warlord sprinted out of his line and called upon the Eastern Anger, but unfortunately the gods just weren't with him on the day and more of his own men fell to the arrows including the brave man himself. I myself lost only two Beserkers with the rest of my men safe behind firmly held shield walls.

My final turn saw my Beserkers die against the Pagan Rus warriors that had been offered out as a lure. Though my Warlord and accompanying Hirdmen (hearthguard) closed in and finished them off bringing the game to a close.

Really close game which we thought ended in a draw in the scenario (I was one victory point up) later on I read something and found out we'd been working out the slaughter vps wrong and it's possible I had a very minor win, but I can't remember exactly was in the area that we had for not counting towards victory points (we'd been playing that your models removed by your own abilities don't count to the total, in fact they do).

I've finished off the rest of the basic building for the Forward Base Sci-Fi building but I've now run into time to go to work so I'll try to get a small post up later with the last few buildings and a quick photo of my Cracked Earth Studio buildings which arrived yesterday.