Thursday, 28 January 2016

28th January - 24th Visit to the Australian War Memorial

I'm afraid I didn't get a lot of photos of anything while at Cancon (read that as none I meant to take some of the amazing tables but just never quite managed to pull out my phone) I did however get some shots while at the War Memorial.

Gallipoli Landing Boat
Barrel from captured Amiens Railway Gun

A couple of bi-planes, I'm afraid I don't know a lot about these but you've got to admire the fact that people were willing to not only fly but fight in these.
You may be able to spot
The Brother and The Uncle in this one

You might be able to spot myself and The Uncle in this one

 Got quite a few shots of the Mephisto 
(WWI German A7V tank)



Lone Pine

Un-exploded German WWII bomb

I got a game of Saga in against The Youngest on Australia Day so I'll attempt a write up of that in the next couple of days I'm having to adjust to being back at work after a whole four days away ;).