Thursday, 10 March 2016

10th March - Infinity vs The Wife Flamestrike Campaign.

Well another game finished I think that's three down in six days, that's got to be some sort of record :).

This game took place in the Sagres zone which has the Seize the Antennas mission. Again if anyone reading is registered feel free to give me an official ranking here.

Another lightning transfer of operation zones and I find myself contesting against the PanOceania forces in the Sagres Orbital Tracking Station. The field lieutenant arriving at the zone of contention first wisely decides to choose his approach and force the PanO to come at him on his terms.

The Obisdon Medchanoid quickly slithered up the the closest antenna and effortlessly took control securing for the mighty EI. Supported by a Unidron Batroid the medic/engineer quickly moved toward the central antenna closing the distance carefully behind the screening cover. It was at this point the Malignos broke from it's hidden deployment surprising the opposed Nisse and a Fusilier, the rival sniper managed to avoid the shot but the PanO line trooper was quickly dispatched awaiting the attention on a medic. With the Fusilier down and no other covering fire to worry about the Medchanoid headed to the antenna securing a second objective for his allies.

The Akal Commando cautiously moved on the distant antenna, denying the waiting Unidron a chance to fire before taking cover behind the base of the transmitter. The Auxilia with it's remote leading the way began to advance firing down at the Rachio but while the shots seemed accurate the heavy armour plating rendered the rifle fire ineffective. The Jotums thumped around the corner of the armoury spraying bullets at a multitude of targets, even as it cut down the Malignos a distant Unidron managed to hit the immense TAG in a weak point weakening it's structure. The Nisse lines up the Rachio but the piloted machine is again saved by the heavy armour of it's framework while that same Unidron fires off a plasma blast sending another PanOceania troop into the blackness and bathing the Jotums in a stream of plasma. However the emerges unscathed safe behind it's massive armour plates and high tech fail safes. The Rachio finally allows common sense to rule and moves into the nearby cover.

A third Unidron moves up to put additional pressure on the Akal. The Rachio attempts to cause the Jotums some damage and manages to piece the plating on his target, though only some very minor damage results. The Umbra Legate on the other flank moves cautiously forward to open up a firing line on the advancing ORC trooper and his first wave of acurate K1 fire forces the man back bleeding. A second wave of fire sends the man flung back into a hastily assembled barricade finding a weak point in his body armour killing him in front of the Knight Hospitaller doctor. The Umbra pushes forward further sending rounds toward the heavily armoured doctor and the nearby Fusilier. The Knight's armour manages to hold despite the special rounds but the Fusilier falls to the ground unconscious and the resulting disarray of the opposing force reveals her to be their lieutenant. Giving up on managing to take down the military order Knight the Umbra revealing himself to be my lieutenant pulls out his Flash Pulse and blinds the PanO doctor giving the Kurgat engineer an open path to his Classified Objective Sabotage target barricade and the Fraacta drop trooper a chance to drop in behind the blinded human.

The PanO in disarray due to their lack of field commander began an attempt to wrest control of the area with the Jotums concentrating all his fire on the distant silhouette of the Combined Army TAG hitting it despite the lack of light but only manages some minor damage. The Auxilia attempts a mad dash across the field to offer some support to the collapsing flank but the reflexes of the Rachio pilot bring the man to an explosive end.The Akal takes advantage of the confusion and manages to bring the antenna under his influence. The Knight Hospitaller decides to risk it all to bring the fallen officer back to her feet but fails to rescue the woman and she passes despite his best attempts. The only saving grace to the humans is the continued divine protection of their doctor as all three reactive shots of the Combined Army troops failing to hit let alone penetrate his heavy armour suit.

Yet another round of K1 rifle shells slams into the Hospitaller's amour and finally the shells penetrate and the man finally succumbs to the Umbras assault. With the pressure gone the Kurgat plants his D-Charges successfully completing it's classified objective and then heads to the streets, nimbly avoiding the oncoming fire of the few remaining PanO troops despite the giant Autocannon in his arms and fires two shots down the street, knocking the Akal Commando out and killing the last Fusilier. The Fraacta then sprints across the now empty field securing the final antenna for the glory of the Combined Army. Not to rest on it's laurels the alien moves up to the side of the armoury building pulling out it's hacking device and deftly hacks into the control systems of the Jotums with a Stop! program immobilising the only remaining PanO presence on the battlezone.

The Jotums manages to reset it's programming and reboots early but it's too late the Combined Army has absolutely crushed the PanOceania forces and taken another major step towards control of the facilities.

The Wife wasn't happy with the outcome but she enjoyed herself again, I think we'll be getting another game in soon. The Youngest is still keen for a match up with her USAriadna and The Eldest is now asking about maybe getting her Nomads on the table on Sunday so we'll see what happens over the weekend.